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OIG Inspector Eduardo Sanchez

OIG Inspector Eduardo Sanchez

Sanchez is an "inspector" at the OIG, but his real job seems to be to blow smoke up the posterior of complainants while his superiors make the complaints disappear. 

This letter was conveyed to Sanchez by Certified Mail and by email, and receipt is confirmed.

Sanchez never responded to this letter or to any phone calls thereafter. 

Q: Why hostility and neglect from the OIG?

A:  Because the OIG is corrupt and complicit in NYPD crimes.


To Inspector Ed Sanchez 
Investigator of NYPD 
Department of Investigation 

January 16, 2015


Inspector Sanchez:

Thank you the enlightening meeting we had this afternoon. You made it clear that you understood the enormous gravity of the issues at hand and the many questions that need to be investigated. There are several important questions which Mr. Allimadi and I neglected to ask at the meeting, and which we are requesting that you answer as soon as possible and in full:

1) What is the official, codified policy of the NYPD regarding the investigation of deaths, the manner of which have been ruled “Undetermined” by the Medical Examiner? Specifically, do deaths ruled undetermined always mandate an investigation and if not, what are the factors that determine whether a death ruled “undetermined” is investigated or not? In the case of Sunny Sheu’s “undetermined” death by “blunt force trauma to the head”, who, if anyone, made the decision to not investigate, and what were the determining factors?

2) How, to whom and when was the Medical Examiner’s determination of “Blunt Force Trauma to the head with skull fractures and brain injuries” as the cause of death and “undetermined” as the manner of death, conveyed to the appropriate agents of the NYPD? Why were detectives (such as Ardisano) at the 109th not apprised of this determination? We are requesting all documents regarding the transfer of this information as requested in our November 16th, 2010 FOIA request to the NYPD (attached).

3) You mentioned that your agency had issued various subpoenas in regard to questions arising from the Sunny Sheu case. Does your agency have the right to subpoena testimony and documents from Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed? Do you have the right to subpoena responses to outstanding FOIA requests that reflect on matters of systemic NYPD misconduct?

4) Please provide us with warrant by which Sunny Sheu was detained by members of the NYPD Detectives of the Queens DA squad, including the name of the person who ordered the detention, as requested in our FOIL request of 11/16/10.

5) Please identify the NYPD agents who demanded the transfer of Sunny’s body at 5:00 AM June 28th from the hospital; to the Queens; under whose authority they were operating and under what legal premise, as requested in our FOIA request.

6) Please identify and produce any records of an alleged interview by police and EMS with a “911 caller” who witnessed Sunny’s alleged “collapse”, as claimed by Detective Austin through Detective Grant’s memo of 6/26/10 (attached), and as requested in our FOIA request.

7) Is the problem of systemic non-compliance of the NYPD to FOIA requests under the jurisdiction of your office? If not, which agency investigates NYPD non-compliance of FOIA requests? Do you contend that non-compliance of FOIA requests is NOT a systemic problem of the NYPD?
We are hereby requesting the release of complete and unredacted responses to ALL of the requests made in our FOIA requests to the NYPD, unless exempted under specific provisions of FOIA law. Not only are these responses necessary to the determination of NYPD wrongdoing in this case; they are public information, which has been illegally withheld for nearly five years, by the agency you are investigating.

As this is a matter of extreme urgency and importance, we expect an immediate response outlining your intended schedule in answering these pertinent questions and fulfilling these requests for public information.


Will Galison/ Milton Allimadi Blackstar News

Mayor de Blasio Philip Eure Thomas Mahoney Harry Belafonte
Robert Freeman

Follow up letters to Arturo Sanchez:

From: Wgalison []
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2015 6:40 PM
To: Arturo Sanchez;
Subject: Re: Meeting

Dear Inspector Sanchez,
I am concerned that I have not received a response to my various letters to you. Are you still on the case, or did they take you off because you were doing your job? I also wonder if my emails are being allowed to reach you, or are being intercepted by the people in your office who do not want this case to be pursued. Please let me know. 
I would be grateful to know if you are intentionally choosing not to respond to my emails, which would reflect poorly on you.

Funnily, it turns out we have a mutual friend from Maryland!

Awaiting your reply,

Will Galison

Mon, Feb 9, 2015 6:39 pm Sanchez t Galison

-----Original Message-----
From: Arturo Sanchez <>
To: Wgalison <>
Sent: Mon, Feb 9, 2015 6:39 pm
Subject: RE: Meeting

Mr. Galison,
I just wanted to confirm that our office has received your letters.  My apologies for not responding earlier.

Best regards,  
Arturo Sanchez
Special Investigator
Office of Inspector General for the NYPD
NYC Department of Investigation
80 Maiden Lane
New York, NY  10038
(O) 212.806.5233  
(M) 646.210.0067 
From: Wgalison []
Mon, Mar 9, 2015 9:35 pm
To: Arturo Sanchez;
Subject: Re: Meeting

Mr. Sanchez,

I did not ask you whether your office received my letters. I wrote "I am concerned that I have not received a response to my various letters to you.I also wonder if my emails are being allowed to reach you, or are being intercepted by the people in your office who do not want this case to be pursued. Please let me know."

You did not answer my requests, either because you did not understand them, or because you are being mendacious, so I am asking again.

If you did receive my letters, I am requesting that you specify which ones you received (by date) and I am requesting that you respond to them immediately and in full. 
I also asked whether you are still involved with the OIG's "investigation" of NYPD misconduct relating to the death of Sunny Sheu, and I am asking that question again. 

I expect an immediate response.

Will Galison

No further response from Sanchez



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