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Summary of Case

The Death of Sun Ming Sheu:
A Government Sponsored Assassination?

On June 26th, 2010, on a secluded street in College Point, NY, Queens resident Sunny Sheu was found mortally wounded and taken to New York Hospital of Queens, where he died shortly thereafter. The NY Medical Examiner determined the cause of death to be "blunt force trauma to head with skull fractures and brain injuries." and the manner of death is “undetermined”, requiring a criminal investigation under NY law.

Two months prior, Mr. Sheu made a video stating that if he were harmed, it would be at the hands of NY State Supreme Court Judge Golia "and his men”; referring to two Queens District Attorney Bureau NYPD Detectives who had illegally detained him and allegedly threatened his life.

The Underlying Mortgage Fraud Case

For ten years, Mr. Sheu had been fighting a mortgage fraud case, which threatened his home ownership. The fraudsters acquired the mortgage of Sheu's home by forging the signature of Sheu's brother. Even though the fraudsters were arrested by the police and convicted for forgery, the banks continued to pretend that the fraudsters' mortgage was valid, and when the fraudster's failed to pay the mortgage, the banks got the house.

When Shue went to court, he found out that the Judge (Joseph Golia) refused to consider the proof that he transfer was made by fraud.  Sheu claimed that he was denied due process by Golia, whom he believed was in league with the fraudsters. For more details, see the Back Star News series “Junk Justice”.

Sheu Asks the FBI For Witness Protection after Kidnapping by NYPD

According to Sheu, on January 14, 2009, he was illegally detained by NYPD detectives Dominic DeGenaro and James Monaco of the Queens District Attorney's Bureau (identified as such in this unrelated article). Sheu claimed  the detectives told him that his house "belonged to the bank" and threatened him with death if he went to the authorities or press. Queens DA spokesperson Kevin Ryan confirms Sheu’s detention on that date, but refuses to state a reason for the detention or provide a warrant.

In an April 9, 2010 email to Special Supervising Agent Rachel Rojas of the New York FBI, Mr. Sheu told Rojas that he had been "kidnapped" by the detectives, and warned that if he went to the media about his mortgage case or filed complaints against Judge Golia, he would be killed.  At the end of the email, Sheu begs Agent Rojas for witness Protection. Rojas’ only reply: “Be careful”.

Despite the Sunny also went to the Blackstar News, which wrote and in depth article about his legal ordeal, including his kidnapping.  

Sheu Investigates Golia’s Finances

On 11/6/2009, Sheu filed a complaint of financial disclosure fraud against Judge Golia with the Ethics Commission of the NY Office of Court Administration (OCA). The complaint including allegations of non-disclosure of real estate properties worth millions of dollars, including the $700,000  Breezy Point beach house he did not declare.

The Ethics Commission felt that Sheu's complaint had enough merit that they demanded an amended financial disclosure from from Judge Golia. [When a public official is suspected of making misrepresentations on their financial disclosure form, they are required to submit an amended form to correct misrepresentations on the original form. Failure to correct every misrepresentation is grounds for felony charges against the official.]

On June 23nd, 2010 The Ethics Commission informed Sheu that the Golia's amended form was available. Sheu went to the OCA that day to pick up the amended form.  

Upon reading the amended form, and assessing that that Golia's misrepresentations on the original form had not been remedied, Sheu announced to the OCA that he had sufficient evidence to prove that Judge Golia was guilty of fraud. His exact words - captured on an audio recording by his colleagues - were: "Now I have enough evidence to put Golia in jail".

Sunny Shue is Killed

Three days later, On June 26th, 2010 at 3:15 PM, Sunny Sheu was found on the street in Flushing, NY, with severe head trauma and in a coma. He was taken to New York Hospital of Queens by EMS, where he died at 8:15 PM.

Medical Examiner Autopsy Contradicts NYPD and New York Hospital ER Doctor on Cause and Manner of Death

Zeeshan Ahmed, the ER doctor attending Sunny, LIED about the cause of death, saying there was "not a scratch on his head", and Detective Chris Austin of the 109th Precinct falsely stated that there was "no head injury" and that Sheu died from "natural causes" due to an "aneurism"

However,  The Official Medical Examiner's report confirms that Sheu died from "blunt force trauma to head with skull fractures and brain injuries" and that the manner of death is "undetermined" (no "aneurism" is mentioned in autopsy) Under NY State law, “Undetermined”deaths require an investigation.

Dr. Ahmed later confessed to Blackstar News editor Milton Allimadi that he had known there was head trauma at the time of the incident, and that "foul play" was involved. 

TWO WEEKS after the Medical Examiner determined that Sheu had died from "blunt force trauma to head with skull fractures and brain injuries", the NYPD was still maintaing that Sheu died of "a seizure" and that there was no head trauma", a position they still hold, despite its blatant contradiction of the Medical Examiner's autopsy findings. 

It should be noted that under law, the NYPD has NO AUTHORITY to rule on the cause and manner of death. That is the exclusive purview of the Medical Examiner. 

No Investigation by NYPD or Queens DA - Coordinated Cover-up by NYPD, Queens DA, NY Hospital, OCA and Others

To date, there has been no investigation into the death of Mr. Sheu. Rather, the response of the NYPD to Mr. Sheu’s death indicates a coordinated effort  to obfuscate and cover up the circumstances of his death. 

Specifically; the NYPD:

dispatched personnel to the New York Hospital of Queens to “identify” Sheu’s body and transfer the body from the hospital to the Medical Examiner for immediate autopsy, before the body could be officially identified by his next of kin,.

stated that the cause of death was an "aneurysm" with “no head trauma” and that the manner of death was "natural”- statements contradictory to the Medical Examiner’s report.

sent a false memo to the Chief Medical Examiner  stating: "the squad is holding this case as an accident with no criminality”. But detective Ardisano of the 109th pct states that the squad was not informed of Sheu's death because "there was no head trauma"

- Falsely claimed that they interviewed a “witness” who had called 911 to report Sunny's condition, and who Sheu "collapse" and "strike his head".  Tapes of all the 911 reports obtained through a FOIL request, prove that not one of the three 911 callers mentioned seeing Sheu collapse. They all report a man lying on the ground. 

No Response from NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly

On May 18, 2011, the Black Star News sent a certified letter to Commission Kelly, requesting an investigation and a response to FOIL requests. Receipt was confirmed, but Kelly has not responded.

NYPD IN Violation of New York Freedom of Information Law

The NYPD has repeatedly violated the crucial NY State FOIL laws in regard to this case. Recently the NYPD ignored its final deadline to respond to an appeal of the Blackstar News' original FOIL requests. 

Among the Unanswered Questions in the FOIL Request:

-who ordered the detention?

-what was the official purpose of the detention?
-who was the alleged "witness" that "saw Sunny fall" and dialed 911?
-What EMT workers transported Sunny to the hospital?
-what NYPD officers identified Sunny Sheu's body, and how did they do it?
-who ordered the illegal transfer of Sunny's body eight hours after his death?
-who at the NY Hospital authorized the illegal transfer?
-why did the NYPD send a false report to the Coroner?
-why has there been no investigation of an "undetermined" death?

The NY Office Of Court Administration's "Ethics Commission" has also refused to release the financial disclosure documents of Judge Golia, despite the fact that their sole purpose is to procure and make available these precise documents to the public. 

The Blackstar News has requested these documents through FOIL, but the OCA has ignored the FOIL request. 

To our knowledge, Judge Golia is the ONLY NY Supreme Court Judge who's financial disclosure forms are being withheld from public scrutiny. 

Golia's Alleged Links to the Russian Mafia

An affidavit posted to the web by a Russian immigrant in 2010 alleges connections between Judge Golia and the Russian Mafia. A chilling document.



Recordings of 911 witnesses Finally released by NYPD - prove that Detective Austin provided false evidence to the Medical Examiner:

Nearly two years after a FOIL request was made for tapes of the three 911 calls relating to Sunny's death, the NYPD has finally made these tapes available. The tapes contradict the official note sent to the Medical Examiner by NYPD Detective Austin. "The 911 caller stated that the decedent was walking with a pedometer in his hand when he collapsed." According to the tapes, none of the three witnesses mentioned seeing Sheu walking. All three report finding him "lying on the ground". No documentation of any other interviews with the witnesses had been provided, despite numerous FOIL requests. None of the names of the witnesses have been supplied and all are redacted from the tapes, in violation of FOIL rules. Here is the letter from the NYPD that accompanied the tapes. 


New York Hospital Denies that Dr. Ahmed Works There, Despite His Profile on Their Website!

The New York Hospital, trying to cover up the false statements of Dr. Ahmed regarding the cause of death are now claiming that he has NEVER WORKED there!, though he did and DOES to this day, as an ER Resident.

3/29/13: Queens DA Spokesman Kevin Ryan Lies about Investigation...

Queens DA Spokesman Kevin Ryan claims that the DA has never investigated the murder of Sunny Sheu because according to Ryan: "The Medical Examiner determined that there was no criminality"

Not only did the Medical Examiner never determine that there was no criminality; the Medical Examiner has nNO AUTHORITY to determine criminality. The M.E. can only determine the cause and manner of death. Why is Queens DA Ryan lying about this? 

4/2/13: Fraudulently Redacted Documents from the Queens Medical Examiner's Office Indicate complicity in the cover-up by parties at the Medical Examiner's Office.

Analysis of the Certificate of Death provided by the Queens Medical Examiner's office illicitly altered the document before releasing it in response to a FOIL request.

The facts above comprise compelling evidence that there is a cover up of the death of Sheu, including an effort to skew the ME’s report and prematurely dispose of the body. At the very least, the NYPD’s refusal to investigate an “Undetermined” death, and their violation of FOIL laws, make this story of critical to all Americans. If a resident of the United States, can be threatened by a government entity, ignored by authorities and media, and killed without investigation, we are all in grave jeopardy...

1/17/15: The Department of Investigation and the Inspector General for the NYPD (Philip) Eure continue the cover up and send the case to the NYPD's Internal Affairs, but they withhold critical information from the complaint and findings of their own investigation.

Internal Affairs send the case to the Detective's Bureau, which immediately closes it, with no investigation.

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