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The following facts are either documented in this website or are matters of public record, and none have been disputed by any of the alleged perpetrators since the publishing of the Blackstar News articles over the past three years. 

1)    Sunny Sheu was the victim of an adjudicated mortgage fraud conspiracy, some the perpetrators of which were convicted.

2)    Sunny Sheu was deprived of basic due process rights (discovery, deposition, counter claim, etc.) for nearly ten years by Judge Joseph Golia  Queens Supreme Court.

3)    Sunny Sheu was illegally detained without a warrant by DA Detectives; kidnapped in the second degree, as defined in the New York State Penal Code Section 135.20 .

4)    The names of the parties that ordered and carried out the detention were illegally withheld from Mr. Sheu and are being illegally withheld from the public to this day. Letters from Sunny Sheu discovered after his death, however, confirm that the two NYPD Detectives who illegally detained him and threatened him with death are: Dominick DeGennaro and James Monaco of the Queens DA Squad.

Incredibly,  Dominick DeGennaro is now working for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, even though Sheu petitioned Scheiderman for protection from DeGenaro  before his death.

5)    Sunny Sheu reported alleged financial disclosure crimes by Judge Golia to the OCA Ethics Commission.

6)  Queens Hospital ER Doctor Zeeshan Ahmed and his nurse lied to Mr. Sheu’s next of kin about the cause of death, saying that there was no head trauma and that he died of an aneurism.

7)    Detective Chris Austin lied to the victim’s official “next of kin” regarding the cause and manner of Sheu’s death, claiming he "died of an aneurism". Somehow, Austin's false story conformed exactly to Dr. Ahmed's false story.

8)    NYPD officers assisted in the illegal removal of Sunny’s body from the hospital before it was legally identified by next of kin.

9)    The New York Queens Hospital illegally released Sheu’s body to the NYPD without documentation or warrant.

10) Detective Chris Austin of the 109th precinct sent a memo to the Medical Examiner falsely claiming that an investigation of Sheu’s death had been held, and providing misleading information. 

11)  Medical Examiner Michael Greenerg ruled that Sheu died of “Blunt force trauma to the head with skull fractures and brain injuries”. His report made no mention of an "aneurism" or any other "contributing factors" to his head trauma. 

12) The Medical Examiner has officially classified the manner of Sunny's death as "Undetermined". Under NY State Law, undetermined deaths must be investigated.

13) DA Spokesman Kevin Ryan claims that there was no investigation because "the Medical Examiner determined that there was no criminality". This statement is both false and nonsensical; the medical examiner has no authority to rule on the criminality of a death. 

14) There has been no investigation of the death of Sunny Sheu by any authority.

15) There has been no investigation of Judge Golia’s alleged financial disclosure fraud.

16) The OCA’s Ethics Commission is withholding public documents, in violation of their sole mandate.

17) The NYPD is illegally withholding all documents regarding the death of Sunny Sheu in violation of New York State’s FOIA law.

18) The FBI has failed to return correspondence or accept evidence of alleged federal felonies including “conspiracy” and “crimes under color of law”. 

19) The NYPD's DOI Squad, with the knowledge and complicity of DOI Commissioner Mark Peters, pretended to investigate the case, but in fact lacked jurisdiction and never did investigate, and concealed the case form the proper authority: the OIG/NYPD.

20) The OIG/NYPD - after one year of investigation - sent the case to the NYPD with no results of their "investigation"and with no mention of the crimes obstruction of justice by the NYPD OIG Squad. 

21) In September, 2015, the NYPD closed the case, citing "no criminality". 

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  1. this is a link to my conversation with Judge Golia..he said he was recording...well so was I..listen


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