Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Eduardo Sanchez, of the Office of the Inspector General admits that the OIG has not subpoenaed the CAT Scans of Sheu's head from which Dr Ahmed claims he could not detect any trace of the skull fractures and brain injuries that killed Sunny Sheu. In fact, Ahmed and his assisting nurse stated that the CAT scans showed that Sheu had "not a lump, not a bump, not a scratch on his head" and that rather, the CAT scans had showed that Sheu had specifically suffered a "subarachnoid hemorrhage. 

Of course, three days after Ahmed's "diagnosis", Medical Examiner Michael Greenberg determined that the cause of Sheu's death was "blunt force trauma to the head with skull fractures and brain injuries", and that there was no indication of a "subarachnoid hemorrhage".

When Blackstar News Publisher Milton Allimadi asked Dr. Ahmed how he could have so thoroughly (and fatally) misinterpreted the CAT scans, Dr. Ahmed stated that "there was foul play involved". Mr. Allimadi has signed a sworn affidavit, verifying that this conversation took place, but Ahmed has refused to speak of the incident since. 

Investigation of these CAT is critical to the case.

If the CAT scans show unmistakeable signs of head trauma (as they must, according to various doctors consulted)  this would be proof that Dr. Ahmed lied, and purposely allowed Sheu to die; grounds for homicide or manslaughter against Ahmed. 

Ahmed would be forced to admit that he was coerced into letting Sheu die and covering up the head trauma by a third party, presumably the same NYPD personnel that removed Sunny's body the next morning.

In fact, the OIG never even interviewed Ahmed.

Clearly, in this video Sanchez is being entirely disingenuous. when he states that the OIG would be "following the evidence wherever it leads". 

It is obvious that Sanchez never followed up on anything.
Had Sanchez followed up on the fraudulent NYPD memo to the Medical Examiner he would have discovered that there was no "witness", and that an NYPD conspiracy to defraud the M.E. had been attempted.

Had Sanchez followed up on the removal of Sheu's body, he would likewise have discovered an NYPD conspiracy going high up, because no mere detective has the standing to identify a body and remove it from the hospital, before it has been identified by next of kin and when the NYPD has determined there is "no criminality".

Had Sanchez followed up on any of the NYPD crimes committed, he would have concluded that the NYPD personnel were being protected by their superiors, which is why neither Commissioner Bratton nor Kelly responded to the BSN letters regarding these crimes. 

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