Friday, August 3, 2012

WABC News and the Death of Sunny Sheu


In November 2009, Sunny Sheu arranged a meeting with Jim Hoffer, the “investigative reporter” for New York’s local WABC news station. Sheu and Galison met Hoffer and his producer in the ABC studios for over an hour, discussing the mortgage fraud, the kidnapping and the alleged financial crimes of Golia.

Hoffer told Sheu that if he could prove that Golia had cheated on his financial disclosure form, he would cover the story. He told Sheu to confirm Golia’s ownership of properties in question and to report back after he received the amended form.

Jim Hoffer- who is the husband of Mika  Brzezinsky (and son-in law of Zgbeniew Brzezinski)  was clearly shaken to hear of Sheu’s death. For several weeks after the incident, Galison corresponded with Hoffer on a daily basis, by phone and email.

At first Hoffer seemed sincerely interested in investigating the case. He contacted his “friends” at the NY Fire Department, and obtained the date and location of the EMS call regarding Sheu’s injury, sending them to Galison.

Then, suddenly, Hoffer’s attitude changed entirely.  In a phone conversation in August 2010,  Hoffer told Galison flatly: “Judge Golia had nothing to do with [Sheu’s] death”. Galison replied that they didn’t know who ordered Shue’s death, but since Sheu had named Golia as the person he thought would kill him, he certainly couldn’t be ruled out. Hoffer responded: “Listen to me, if you suspect that Golia had anything to do with [Sheu’s death], I can’t work with you” and then hung up. Hoffer never returned calls from Galison after that conversation.

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