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Letter to "This American Life" radio show

                             2nd Letter to "This American Life" August 7th, 2012

From:This American Life
Subject:Re: The Murder of Whistleblower Sunny Sheu
Date:Tue, Aug 7, 2012 3:23 pm

Thank you very much for your submission to This American Life, and apologies for this auto-reply message. Please know that we carefully read and seriously consider every pitch sent to this address. Unfortunately, because of the volume of mail we receive, we can't respond personally to each idea. Instead, if we think your pitch might be right for an upcoming show, one of our producers will contact you within a few weeks. 

Again, thank you so much for reaching out to us. We really appreciate it. 

Sincerely,The staff of This American Life

Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2012 00:18:47 -0400 (EDT)To: <>Subject: The Murder of Whistleblower Sunny
From: Wgalison <>

This is the story of a mortgage fraud victim who found that the judge in his foreclosure case was involved with the fraud. He was then kidnapped by the NYPD and threatened with death if he went to the media or the authorities.

He did both. He also went to every agency available to an American to tell them that he was going to be killed.

He went to the FBI and begged for witness protection.

He posted a video on Youtube saying that that if he were killed it would be at the hands of the judge and the cops that kidnapped him.

He wrote to dozens of public officials including the Governor of New York.

He had an article published in a New York newspaper describing his nightmare.

He went to ABC News and begged them to publicize his story

Then he was found bludgeoned to death on an industrial wasteland miles from his home.

The ER Doctor told his friends that he died naturally of an aneurism with no head trauma

The NYPD told his friends he died naturally of an aneurism with no head trauma

The NYPD stole his body from the hospital at 5 AM on a Sunday morning, eight hours after he died,

The NYPD wrote a fraudulent note to the M.E. saying that he "fell"

The Medical Examiner said he died of "Blunt force trauma to the head with skull fractures and brain injuries" and that the death must be investigated.

The ER doctor confessed that he had been coerced by the NYPD to lie

The body was cremated by a fraudulent executor.

The FBI was notified in detail by numerous recorded phone calls which are available.

There has been no investigation regarding this case.

There are hours of sound recordings of virtually every chapter of this story, plus articulate witnesses who can recount different aspects of the tale.

Truthout is running a "Truthout Special Project" on the story, written by me and Milton Allimadi, Newspaper publisher, and son of the late Ugandan Prime Minster who broke the Kerik scandal, the "Kony 2112" scandal and many other stories.

This is an enormous story. This is a story that "This American Life" should cover.

Please contact me.

Will Galison
212 677 7344

 First Letter to "This American Life" August 17th, 2010

Whistleblower predicts his own murder on youtube, then dies of head trauma. No investigation.
Tue, Aug 17, 2010 6:58 pm

Dear TAL,

This one is as serious as it gets, and represents the ultimate test of your journalistic independence and commitment to the social good.

It is the story of Sunny Sheu, a dear friend of mine and a genuine hero who was murdered less than two months ago. 

As you will see and hear, Sunny predicted his own death on a Youtube video, named his potential murderers, and asked the FBI for witness protection. Whether or not Sunny was murdered by those he claimed had threatened his life, or by a random murderer, there can be no question that a massive cover up is being perpetrated by the NYPD, and possibly the New York FBI. 

I was the last friend of Sunny to see him alive, and the first to see him dead, at the New York Hospital, Queens, on June 26th, 2010. I have hours of sound recordings of Sunny's conversation, his contact with government agencies, his premonition of his death, his announcement of evidence against a NY Supreme Court Judge three days before his murder.

I also have video and audio recordings of my going to the hospital and finding him dead, discussions with the Doctors re cause of death, phone conversations with the Medical Examiner, the NYPD 109th precinct, and the FBI. As you will see, the Medical examiner outright contradicts the Police account of the cause of death, ruling it "undetermined" as opposed to "Natural". That a cover up is underway is undeniable. I beg you to confirm all of my evidence by calling these sources yourself. 

The New York Post interviewed me for hours about the story, took copies of all my sound and video evidence and promised to publish it on Monday August 9th.  It never ran, and the reporter, Billy Gorta has refused to answer my phone calls asking why.

ABC news and several other local, national and international media are investigating this story. I have listened to your show for years, and feel that this would be an extraordinary use for your format, as much of the story can be told in Sunny's own voice. It is an immensely touching story, as well as an urgent one. 

The enclosed press release gives an outline of the story. It links to four edited videos on Youtube that reveal crucial facts, but there are hours more pertinent material.

I will add that all of this material has been diligently copied and sent to friends and colleagues around the world.

WNYC does not cover the issue of judicial corruption in New York State. I hope and trust that your program has enough independence and integrity to do the right thing.

thank you


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