Friday, August 3, 2012

Letter to Salon Magazine

To:apareene ; milton
Subject:Murder of a whistleblower and cover up by the NYPD
Date:Mon, Mar 19, 2012 5:19 pm

The NYPD and Ray Kelly are covering up the murder of a mortgage fraud victim who exposed complicity by police and a NY Supreme Court Judge.

The case is entirely documented at:

Sunny was kidnapped and threatened with death by NYPD detectives if he exposed the judge. He did, and was 
found bludgeoned to death.

Hours after his death the NYPD illegally removed his corpse from the New York Hospital of Queens and took it to the coroner for summary cremation,

NYPD told the Medical Examiner that the cause of death was an aneurism and that there was "no criminality" involved.

The Medical Examiner disagreed and ruled the cause of death to be "Blunt force trauma to the head with head with skull fractures and brain injuries", but the NYPD won't accept the M.E.'s verdict.

There has been no investigation.

See the letter to Ray Kelly asking for an explanation. 

Why is Salon not interested in this story?

The facts are all matters of public records. 
Official FOIL'ed documents available on show that the police removed Sunny's body from the hospital and delivered it with a fraudulent note to the Medical Examiner for summary cremation. 
They also show that weeks after the Medical Examiner's conclusion of "Blunt force trauma to the head with skull fractures and brain injuries" the NYPD was (and is still) claiming that Sheu died a natural death from a "seizure", with "no head trauma".  
Who you gonna believe; Dr. Michael Greenberg, who conducted two autopsies on Sheu's body, or the NYPD, who kidnapped Sunny and threatened to kill him if he went to the press? The same NYPD who has ignored FOIL requests and appeals from investigative journalists.  

Will Galison
Blackstar News

212 677 7344


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  1. No suprises here. However, you should emphasize that golia is probably a republican,indicate Mr. Sheu was planning to vote for obama and resubmit. Maybe joan walsh or steve cornhole-aki will pick it up.


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