Friday, August 3, 2012

Letter to The Daily News' Court and Crime Correspondent Celeste Katz

Bcc:milton ; ikristen ; eyck94 ; ggalison
Subject:The murder of Sunny Sheu
Date:Thu, Jul 21, 2011 11:29 pm

Dear Celeste,

Here is a summary of the case with links.

New information is being uncovered by others who have taken up the investigation. I am leaving the investigation to others so as not to be killed.

Here are the two articles I wrote for the Blackstar News. The first part was written with editor Milton Alimadi, who understands the mortgage fraud aspect better than I.

The second article is based on my own experiences. The Medical Examiner documents were acquired by FOIL, but the NYPD has denied all of our FOIL requests. 

Please read our letter to Raymond Kelly, which is linked to the summary. It has been three months since he personally signed receipt and he has not responded. Incidentally, it was the Blackstar News that first broke the Kerik story, leading to his imprisonment. 

Celeste. I don't know you personally, but you seemed like a human being when I met you at the DC21 event. I hope you will assert your position at the News to pursue the Sunny Sheu story. It is a matter of national significance, and could be the most important story you have ever covered.

The Sunny Sheu story can be boiled down to two sentences. 

1) The Medical examiner ruled Sunny's death as undetermined, which requires an immediate investigation under NY law.

2) There has been no investigation in 13 months.  

Murder without investigation is the key to absolute abuse of power. We expose it now or we pay later.

The rest, including the stealing of the body by the NYPD, the false "witness" story and the video Sunny made predicting his death at the hands of a NYSC Judge is just gravy.

With the FBI, the NYPD and the judiciary desperately trying to cover up this murder, the only security I (and all citizens) have is the outrage of an independent and honest press, and that is virtually impossible to find in the USA. I hope that the tragedy of Sunny Sheu might inspire you to use your position as a prominent journalist to really tell the truth about what is going on here.  That is the only to assure that more citizens will not be assassinated, and that Sunny Sheu will not have died in vain. 


Will Galison
212 677 7344


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