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Conspired with Dr Zeeshan Ahmed to lie about the cause and manner of Sheu's death

Immediately after Sheu's death, Austin told Sheu's friends that Sheu died "naturally" of an "aneurism", exactly the same lie as was told by Dr Ahmed.

This despite the fact that Austin's colleague Officer Ramos, stated hours earlier that Sheu had suffered "severe head trauma", a fact that must have been shared with Ahmed and Austin before Sheu was treated.

The only way Austin and Ahmed could tell the same lie is if they had determined the false story before hand, or if Austin had threatened Ahmed into telling the false story. 

This is the "smoking gun" of the case. Austin sent a memo to Medical Examiner Michael Greenberg stating that:

 "the decedent was witnessed to collapse at the above location. The 911 caller was interviewed by EMS and police officers. The 911 caller stated that he decedent was walking with a pedometer in his hand when he collapsed. The squad is holding this case as an accident with no criminality." 

This memo was proven to be false. The 911 tapes show that none of the witnesses saw Sheu collapse, and there is no record of any witness being interviewed. Neither the NYPD, the DOI nor the OIG could find any evidence of a witness interview, and the notebook of the officer on duty at the scene mentioned no witness.

Even Austin's colleague detective "Ardisano" of the 109th Precinct homicide squad admitted that there was "no witness".

Weeks after the Medical made his final ruling, Austin's fellow Detectives on the homicide squad reported that Sheu had died of a "seizure" with "no "head trauma", and that there was "no witness". 

Clearly, Austin, who was handling the case, never reported the ME's ruling to his squad and in fact filed a false report to his own squad reflecting the lie that Sheu had died "naturally". 

Because of this false report, the Squad never investigated the case. 
Detective "Ardisano" said: "If there was head trauma the squad would have been all over this"

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