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This page will expose journalists and publications who censor posts regarding the Sunny Sheu Case . While this practice is not strictly illegal, it is in violation of the publications' own policies regarding comments, undermines public discourse and deprives readers of factual information critical to an informed democracy. Moreover, the press's failure to cover information brought to their attention by whistleblowers and independent journalists encourages and protects the corrupt "public servants" who so badly damage our society. A censoring press is complicit in this corruption.

ABC News appears to have a policy of censorship regarding the Sunny Sheu story, at both the local and national level…

The most egregious act of suppression was the sudden abandonment of the story by "Investigative reporter Jim Hoffer of WABC News in New york City. Hoffer met personally with Sunny Sheu and was told about the death threats and mortgage fraud. At that meeting, when asked to investigate Judge Golia's ownership of a home, which would prove the judge's financial fraud, Hoffer refused, saying "What, do you want me to be the next one who gets killed?".

After Sunny was killed, Hoffer and the BSN discussed the case for several weeks, until Hoffer stated "I'll cover the story if you agree that Judge Golia had nothing to do with Sunny's death."

What is the connection between Jim Hoffer (son-in law of Zigbnew Brezhinski) with Judge Golia, such that he would try to spin the story to defend Goila with no evidence?

ABC News has also censored many pertinent and respectful comments mentioning Sunny Sheu that have been posted on various articles regarding NYPD police abuse and related subjects.

Here is a recent example:

This comment was posted to an article about Quentin Tarantino's criticism of NYPD abuses on October 24, 2015:

Here is a screen shot of the comments section taken on November 2, 2015. The comment has been removed:

Significantly, the SAME comment was posted on various other articles regarding Tarantino's protest and the NYPD reaction. NO other venues censored the comment. Here is the same comment posted on the Guardian article http://www.theguardian.com/film/2015/oct/27/quentin-tarantino-has-destroyed-his-career-says-rightwing-host-bill-oreilly :

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