Friday, August 3, 2012

Epoch Times and the Death of Sunny Sheu

The Epoch Times 

Chinese- American weekly Newspaper.

Letter from Charlotte Cuthbertson, Chief Editor of the Epoch Times.

Cuthbertson never followed up and never responded to any further calls from BSN

From:Charlotte Cuthbertson
Subject:Re: An extraordinary story
Date:Fri, Feb 3, 2012 12:02 am

Hi Will and Milton,

Thank you for your email and the information. I will be talking to my management about this in the near future and will get back to you if we are able to proceed with this matter. In the meantime I will read your previous articles and get up to speed.

best regards,

On 2/2/2012 5:51 PM, Wgalison wrote:
Dear Ms. Cuthbertson,

I am a part-time reporter for the Blackstar News, an established NY newspaper with a largely African American readership. Over the past three years, we have been reporting on a shocking case of corruption in New York's judiciary and law enforcement, which culminated in the murder of a Chinese American New Yorker last year. 

The Blackstar news has broken several stories that later became headlines in the mainstream media, including the Bernard Kerik scandal and a major scandal involving Morgan Stanley. The story we are now following story may have even greater ramifications than these. Ominously however, the mainstream media has largely disregarded this story, presumably because the political fallout could be so extreme. 

The story regards Mr. Sun Ming Sheu, a Chinese American resident of Flushing Queens, who was murdered after standing up to people who stole his home through mortgage fraud. What makes the story so incendiary is the unambiguous involvement of high level officials in New York's judiciary as law enforcement, as well as the FBI, and one of New York's largest hospitals. 

The most conspicuous aspect of this story is that Mr. Sheu's death was ruled as "undetermined" by the Chief Medical Examiner's office, and yet no investigations has been held, in blatant violation of fundamental legal process and law. There is a coordinated coverup of the murder of Mr. Sheu. 

The Blackstar News is asking your help to bring this story to the attention of the broader public. 

This story will be of particular concern to the Chinese community in New York, as it demonstrates the lack of government protection or accountability - and indeed government complicity- in the death of a Chinese American mortgage fraud victim. We have reason to believe that such victimization of Chines Americans in Queens is widespread and vastly underreported due to this very sort of intimidation and retaliation experienced by Mr. Sheu.

A summary of the story, including all of the articles published in the Blackstar News, can be found at

We hope you will carefully review the information and documentation on this page and contact us as soon as possible. There are breaking aspects of this story which have not yet been publicized, which we will be pleased to share with you. We would be happy to meet with you in person to discuss this matter. 


Will Galison
Blackstar news
917 517 7344

Milton Allimadi
Editor, Blackstar News
646 261 7566

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