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"There is important new evidence regarding the coverup by the NYPD"

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Dear Lee,

At your request, I am resending you the link to the blog regarding Sunny Sheu's death.. I included it in my original email, but here it is again: www.sunnsysheu.blogspot.com

There is important new evidence regarding the coverup by the NYPD which I posted on the blog today. These are the three 911 emergency calls regarding Sunny's injuries, which were recently provided by the NYPD after years of delay. 

The recordings are attached,

None of the three witnesses mention that they saw Sunny fall - all say they found him already lying on the ground, injured. This contradicts the official NYPD report to the medical examiner.

One caller states; "there's a guy laying down here…"

Another caller states "There's a gentleman over here, he's laid out right now. He's not saying anything, he's just laying here. 

Another caller states: "there's a man, he's on the floor and he's going through seizures"

Clearly none of the witnesses saw Sheu fall, because it is human nature to report someone falling or collapsing if that is what one sees, rather than picking up the story after the fact. Likewise if a witness sees a person hit by a car, they will report "I saw a man hit by a car and he's lying in the street" rather than saying simply "there's a man lying in the street".

Moreover, in the course of the entire 911 interviews, not one witnesses reports seeing Sheu "falling" or "collapsing"

1) It is thoroughly improper for a NYPD Detective to present their opinion of the cause and manner and death to the Medical Examiner, who must make an impartial determination based on physical evidence alone.

2) The NYPD has refused to furnish the names of the witnesses, despite numerous FOIL requests for this information. As there is no criminal investigation pending, there is exemption for this information under FOIL. Robert Freedman of the NY State Center for Open Government concurs with this, and will testify to this effect. 

3) The "collapse" of Sheu makes for a convenient , if not plausible alibi for the real cause of the "Severe blunt force trauma to the head with skull fractures and brain injuries". Although the Doctor, Zeeshan Ahmed, that treated Sheu, and Detective Ambrosini and Detective Austin all falsely told Sheu's colleagues that there was NO head trauma, they could not likewise lie to the doctor who was to perform the autopsy, (and who in fact determined that there was sever head trauma) so they had to concoct an alternate hypothesis for the cause of the injuries. 

4) NO CAUSE has ever been determined for the alleged collapse. The ME's report did mention a collapse of any kind, nor any underlying cause of a collapse such as an aneurism or stroke.  

5) The injuries sustained by Sunny are physically incompatible with being caused by a spontaneous collapse. He would have had to fall backwards with great force directly on the base of his skull which would have had to have come in contact with some protruding object, of which there was none on the scene. People who are walking forward do not fall backwards.

6) The type of injury is compatible with known methods of effective assassination. For example it is compatible with with being struck at the base of the skull with a metal pipe.

7) There is an active and functioning  security camera placed on a storefront directly in from of the spot where Sunny was killed, yet according to the owners of the business that owns the store, the NYPD never asked for the footage of that day, which wold have shown the precise circumstances of Sunny's injuries. 

8) The injury took place over 5 miles from Sunny;s residence. Sunny had told friends three days prior that he was being followed by a van, and would be extremely careful when he left his house. He had a strict routine of walking every day for one hour. There is no way he could have expected to walk 5 miles and back in that time, and he would never have walked on a virtually deserted industrial street. 

9) MOREOVER: the Medical Examiner that autopsied Sheu's death, Dr. Michael Greenberg ,did NOT accept the NYPD's conclusion and ruled the cause of death "UNDETERMINED" requiring under law and immediate homicide investigation.


I  look forward to hearing from your office as soon as possible, and to answering any questions you may have. 

Will Galison

917 517 7344

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