Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lorraine Barcus ar New York Hospital Lying about Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed

Ahmed was an ER Resident in 2010, became an ER Attending in 2011



    Try them they have a radio show, where they could air the story.

  2. Thanks Louise.

    Just saw your message. I will contact them

  3. Update 3/31/12:

    If you want proof that Zeeshan Ahmed works at the New York Hospital Queens just call the Emergency Medical department... they will you put you through to him.

    Dr. Ahmed has been working at the ER since Sunny;s death at least.

    Lorraine Barcus was simply lying when she said "we have no one here by that name".

    The question is, who told Barcus to lie?

  4. The link to dr ahmed on the hospital website is broken/404's


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