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Correspondence with Eric Adams regarding his letter to FBI


Sen. Adams met with Will Galison, Elena Sassower and Sunny Sheu on April 30th, 2010, just seven weeks before Sunny's murder. Sunny told Adams about the threats against him by the NYPD and the corruption of Judge Golia in regard to the mortgage fraud.

In response In response, Adams personally asked Sunny to write an "action plan" for his senate judiciary committee- a patently ridiculous request.

Here is a recording of our meeting with Eric Adams:

On July 10th, 2010, Galison asked Adams to write a letter to the FBI, urging an investigation (see below).

The letter Adams wrote was illiterate, ineffectual and factually entirely wrong.

The letter of August 13th, is my response to Adams regarding his letter.

This shows that Adams had no will to further the investigation of Sheu. His letter to the FBI was so weak that it actually undermined the argument for an investigation.

Upon receipt of this letter, Sen Adams never amended his letter to the FBI and never responded to this or subsequent communications.

Senator Eric Adams
572 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11225
July 10, 2010

Dear Senator,

Thanks for your time this morning. I am glad that you appreciate the urgency of this situation.

Here is an outline of the Sunny Sheu case:

1) Sunny was the victim of mortgage fraud, in which a forged deed was used to acquire a fraudulent mortgage on his house. The details of that story were exposed in the Blackstar News:

2) Sunny was illegally detained and threatened by two DA Bureau NYPD detectives and intimidated as described in his letter to the FBI. The detention was confirmed in writing by Captain Ge of the 109th and Golia's law clerk Kaufmann, although they contradicted each other in whether there was a charge placed against Sunny. In any case, it has never been disclosed under whose authority Sunny Sunny was detained and there is no record of any criminal complaint.  

3) Sunny contacted the FBI for protection. Sunny also appealed to Senator Sampson's office and wanted to testify at the Judiciary Committee Public hearings. 

4) Sunny made a video claiming that if anything bad happened to him it would be at the hands of "Golia and his people"

5) On Saturday,June 26th at approximately 4:10, Sunny was brought into NY Queens hospital in a coma. He died at approximately 8:00.

6) Officer Ramos of the 109th  told at least two people that Sunny had "head trauma"

7) The Doctor, Zeeshan Ahmed, said the cause of death was severe brain hemorrhage

8) According to the Linda Early of NY Hospital, Queens, Saturday,The body was removed at 12:00 Sunday, 6/27 after a visit by "several police officers"

9) At that time, the  body was "identified" and "signed out" by a police officer whose name was the hospital would not reveal.

10) The body was sent to the Queens Morgue where an autopsy was conducted before Wednesday 7/1

11) Deputy Medical Examiner, Dr.Corrine Ambrosi confirms that Sunny DID suffer serious head trauma.

12) Dr. Ambrosi confirms that the name of the party that identified the body had not been entered on the form, which was unusual, and that the certificate of death had not been signed by the Doctor.

13) As of 7/8, the 109th precinct denies that there was head trauma, and is treating Sunny's death as a natural death, with no investigation pending.

My colleagues and I have documentation for all of the above. 

There needs to be an immediate investigation of this matter, before the body is disposed. Two weeks after Sunny's death, the FBI has not even collected Sunny's cell phone, and they have not yet contacted me, even though I visited the FBI with Sunny, spoke to Sunny the day before his death, and was the first person to identify his body, etc. One thing is clear, FBI has been totally incompetent, disinterested or complicit in this matter, so simply mentioning this to them will not suffice. You must demand an investigation, and be kept apprised of its process. 

By the way, the new head of the FBI for New York City will be Agent Janice Fedarcyk, presently of the Philadelphia bureau. She will be active New York in August. I am forwarding a copy of this message to her. 

My colleagues and I look forward to being kept informed.

Thank you,

Will Galison

cc: Janice Fedarcyk
Philadelphia Bureau FBI

Senator Eric Adams
572 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11225

August 13, 2010

Dear Senator,

Following our conversation of Saturday, 7/10/10[1], you offered to write a letter to the FBI, urging them to investigate the apparent murder of Mr. Sunny Sheu, a witness at your hearings on judicial corruption.

In our conversation, I informed you that Sunny Sheu had been found dead of a blow to the head after reporting death threats from two NYPD detectives by order of New York Supreme Court Judge Joseph Golia. I also reported that there is a documented cover-up by NYPD police regarding the circumstances of Sunny’s death. I offered you documented evidence of all the facts disclosed, and sent you various audio recordings verifying those facts.

Specifically, I disclosed that:

1) in a letter sent to the FBI[2], a video made weeks before his death [3], and his written testimony to your Judiciary Committee[4], Sunny warned that his life had been threatened by New York Supreme Court Judge Joseph Golia and his subordinates.

2) Captain Ge of the 109th precinct[5] and Judge Golia’s clerk Mitchell Kaufman[6] confirmed that two DA bureau detectives illegally detained Sunny and interrogated him against his will for two hours.

3) according to Sunny’s letters, testimony and video, during the illegal detention the detectives told him that if he went to the press or filed complaints against Judge Golia he would be killed. [7]

4) According to a recording made in the Office of Court Administration at 2:24PM on June 23nd, 2010 Sunny announced that he had acquired sufficient evidence to prove that Judge Golia had made fraudulent filings on his financial disclosure forms, which is a felony. [8]

5) According to detective Chris Austin of the 109th precinct[9], at about 4:00 PM on June 26th, 2010, Sunny was found on a secluded street in a coma, and taken to the New York Queens Hospital where he died hours later.

6) Michael Greenberg the Medical Examiner who autopsied Sunny’s body has determined that Sunny died from a brain hemorrhage resulting from a violent blow to the head consistent with a blow from a weapon or a fall. He said it was impossible to tell from the autopsy which had occurred.

7) there is a cover-up by police at the 109th precinct, who:

a)    falsely stated that there was no injury to Sunny’s skull, in direct contradiction to the Medical Examiner’s autopsy report which showed “severe head trauma”.[10]

b)    refused to release the pertinent 911 call tapes to investigative journalists in violation of New York State’s Freedom of Information “Sunshine” Laws[11]

c)    denied the existence of the police report that the Medical Examiner says he was given by police.[12]

d)     fraudulently “Identified’ Sunny’s body and had it removed from the hospital hours after his death, before the body could be identified by his next of kin, in flagrant violation of hospital rules and state and federal law.[13]

e)    refused to disclose who identified Sunny’s body and why they did it, when there is no criminal investigation pending.

f)      Refused to investigate the death of Sunny Sheu in violation of police practice to investigate any death of a person under 65 of apparently natural causes.[14]

g)    Refused to take a statement from Sunny’s colleagues regarding the alleged threats made against him.[15]
h)    Refused to investigate even though the M.E. determination has been officially changed from “natural” to “undetermined”

Furthermore, I explained that this apparent murder has enormous political ramifications as it appears to be a state sponsored assassination, committed, aided and abetted by the President of the New York Supreme Court Judges Association, the Queens District Attorney’s Office, and officers of the 109th Precinct.

The FBI agent who was investigating Sunny Shue’s allegations of kidnapping and threats is Supervising Special Agent Rachel. Agent Rojas has informed Sunny’s colleagues that an investigation is underway, but so far the FBI has:

a) failed to interview the colleagues who saw Sunny last alive and who first identified his body.

b) neglected to pick up Sunny’s cell phone- a key piece of evidence which was given to Sunny’s colleagues by the hospital staff- despite having promised to pick it up immediately after Sunny’s death.

c) refused to return calls by colleagues of Sunny Sheu who are offering testimony regarding the case.

It was because of this apparent inaction by the FBI that I asked you to urge the FBI to conduct a rigorous and immediate investigation of the case.

In light of the information I disclosed to you in our conversation of, the letter sent by your office to the FBI is inadequate in many respects. The language of your letter so poorly represents the import of our conversation, that I must assume it was not written by you, but by a subordinate who misunderstood the urgency of the matter.

Your letter states:  "…according to Mr. Galison, [Mr. Sheu suffered] severe head trauma and a massive brain hemorrhage.”  

The assessment of Sunny’s injuries is not “according to Mr. Galison”, but according to Dr. Michael Greenberg, the official NY State Medical Examiner who autopsied Sunny’s body. More crucially, Dr. Greenberg stated that Sunny died of a brain hemorrhage CAUSED by a violent blow to the head.

Dr. Greenberg further stated that without further investigation it was impossible to determine whether the blow to the head was caused by a unexplained fall or by a weapon. He claims that his sole basis for citing a fall rather than a violent murder is an alleged “police report” allegedly furnished by alleged police agents.

However, this basis is highly dubious on the grounds that:

a)    The police have told at least four investigative journalists that NO POLICE REPORT EXISTS.

b)    It was improper for the police to influence the determination of the Medical Examiner by introducing unverified and uninvestigated allegations.

c)    The police report depends on the testimony of an alleged “lady who allegedly saw [Mr. Sheu] fall, but no “lady” has been identified, and there has been no investigation of the accuracy of the alleged “lady’s” testimony, if she in fact exists.

d)    No reason is given or postulated regarding the cause of the alleged fall that allegedly led to the blow to the head

e)    According to the The UCLA Center for Autonomic Disorders, the chances of dying from a fall due to fainting is about one in five thousand.

f)      The police continue to contend publicly that there was no blow to the head.[16]

g)    Your letter states: "Mr. Galison reports that his friend had been troubled by “threats that had been made on his life by a Supreme Court judge".

It is misleading to assert that “William Galison reported these threats”, when Mr. Shue reported the threats himself, in a letter to the FBI, a video published on Youtube, in his written testimony to your Judiciary Committee's hearings on judicial corruption. In fact, Mr. Sheu told YOU, Senator Adams, personally about the threats against his life, IN PERSON at our meeting at your Brooklyn office on April 30th, 2010.

Sunny steadfastly maintained that he was harassed and threatened with death if he went to the press or complained about Judge Golia and neither Captain Ge, Clerk Kaufman nor anyone else has offered any alternative explanation for the two hour detention.

To find out the names of the detectives that abducted him, Sunny appealed to to the CCRB, NYPD Internal affairs, the CJC, the OCA, the Queens DA office, Senator John Sampson’s office, the FBI, and the NY Federal Prosecutor, but all of these entities illegally deprived him of this information for over three years. Certainly, many people were covering up the facts of this incident in order to protect Judge Golia and his henchmen.

Most conspicuously, your letter fails fail to mention the name of the Judge Mr. Shue specifically accused of threatening him; Joseph Golia.

The judicial corruption, harassment and abuse against Sunny by Judge Golia a matter of record and of urgent concern to your Judiciary Committee. Moreover, three days before Sunny’s death, Sunny obtained the amended financial report of Golia and announced to the OCA that he had sufficient evidence against Golia to put him in jail.

Sunny Sheu appealed to the police, the FBI and your committee for protection from Golia and his men, but his pleas were ignored.

By failing to name Golia in your letter, you deprive the FBI of the ability to check for other complaints and investigations related to him. It is likely the FBI has many complaints pending against Golia, which would show a pattern.

It is a matter of police procedure that any ostensibly “natural death” such as heart attack or stroke in a person less than 65 years of age is immediately considered suspicious and is investigated as such.
Finally, there are numerous highly suspicious circumstances  around Mr. Sheu’s death.

Anoter troubling aspect of your letter is that you say the letter is written “on behalf of William Galison”. To write on behalf of someone else means that you are conveying their concerns and not your own. If this matter concerns you personally, as it surely does, you must write the letter on your own behalf:

as a State Senator, concerned that a citizen has been killed under highly suspicious circumstances with apparent complicity by the police;

as a member of a committee on judicial corruption, concerned that Sunny named Judge Joseph Golia as his probable murderer;

as a former police captain, that your colleagues are breaking the law;

as a citizen of New York State, and a father and husband, it must concern you that no investigation has been conducted;

The letter should also be written n behalf of the people of New York, and most importantly on behalf of Sunny Sheu who risked his life and possible gave his life, so that he could uncover and testify about the corruption of the President of the New York State Association of Judges, the same man who is asking you for millions of dollars in salary raises.

Finally, you should be concerned that the rest of the testifiers might be in similar danger.

It is not yet determined that Sunny was murdered by Golia, the facts and evidence all support that conclusion.  If every murder was an obvious case, we would need no FBI, or criminal court system.

Here are some of the open questions regarding his death and its aftermath:

1)    Why did “three or four” police come to hospital admissions the morning after Sunny’s death to identify remove the body from the hospital?[17]

2)    Who were these policemen?

3)    Why did the police violate hospital policy and New York State law by identifying and removing the body before next of kin was notified?[18]

4)    Who was the policeman that identified Sunny’s body?

5)    How did the policeman that identified Sunny’ s body know what Sunny Sheu looked like?

6)    What relationship did the policeman that identified Sunny’s body have to Sunny?

7)    Why did the policeman that identified Sunny Sheu’s body violate Medical Examiner policy by refusing to identify himself on the identification form?[19]

8)    What “police report” was provided to Medical Examiner Greenberg, while claiming publicly that no medical report exists?[20]

9)    Why do the police claim that no police report exists when in contradiction of the M.E’s testimony?

10)                   Who is the “lady” who reported seeing Sunny “fall”

11)                  To whom did this lady report seeing Sunny Fall?

12)                  What record exists of the lady’s testimony? Is thIs report in writing? is it a 911 call?

13)                  What corroborating evidence was collected regarding the accuracy of the lady’s testimony?

14)                  Were neighbors in the area interviewed?

15)                  If the lady reported Sunny’s fall, why is this 911 recording being withheld from the public in violation of New York State freedom if information laws.?

16)                  Who brought Sunny to the NY Queens Hospital; EMS, Police? What are the names of EMS or police personnel?

17)                  What record did these personnel provide concerning the circumstance of Sunny’s transfer from the scene of the fall to the hospital.?

18)                  What record did these personnel provide regarding Sunny’s condition when they found him.?

I thank you for your careful examination of this letter and I hope it will inspire you to write a more forceful and committal letter the FBI and other proper authorities.


Will Galison

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