Monday, March 9, 2015

Sunny Sheu's 5/1/2010 letter to Robert Tembeckjian. NO RESPONSE

Mr.Robert H. Tembeckjin
NYS Judicial Conduct                                                                                                     5/1/2010

Dear Mr. Tembeckjian:
                                        After read CJC’s 2010 annual report about  CJC suggestion “The
Commission itself  has long advocated that post-investigation formal proceedings should be made open to public”,
I would like to request CJC to open eyes to read  all my complaint against justice Joseph Golia since 2004 again,and re-open my case to have investigation. All my complaint were based on justice Joseph Golia   bias,discrimination,official misconduct under color of official right,deprvation of  my all constitution rights,NY CPLR due process rights under color of law  and intentional false arrests,corruption.
I filed complaint many times to your office,even submitted a newspaper report to you at Sen Samson’s 9/24/2009 public hearing about Justice Golia sent his two ‘private army” to kidnapping me, intentional false arrests, Criminal Restraint, Criminal threatening,Witness intimidation,but you denied,even after I sent certified mail to you about NYPD internal affairs has found the two Det. Who sent by justice Golia.
After I found justice Golia intentionally,knowingly foreclosed my house to his wife’s business friends,I requesd public inspection of his financial disclosure statement and file formal ‘corruption complaint’ to you  and NYS Ethics commission for Unified Court. Ethis commission Executive Director Janice Howard has confirmed that my complaint is a valid complaint and justice Golia has been forced to amend his financial disclosure statement because of my complaint.
Would you mind to open your eyes to read my complaint again ?

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