Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunny Sheu's 4/26/10 lettert to Joan M. Thompson Executive Director CCRB.

Ms. Joan M. Thompson
Executive Director


Dear Ms. Thompson:
I filed the above-referenced complaint against two NYPD Detectives to your office.  The investigator handling my case appears to have misunderstood my complaint. 

For one thing, the two Det’s name from Captain Sylvester Ge may be fake.  I have never had a chance to see pictures of the Detectives in order to identify them,  Furthermore, your office may never requested the ‘log” to see who filed a complaint against me who assigned the two Detectives to question me at the Queens Supreme Court.


I told the supervisor of investigator that after I left the court room, two Detectives ran in front of me to stop me and told me: “ We need to talk with you about your mortgage fraud case”.  They flash a ID and show me they weare gun. I said ok,let’s sit down on there(there are bench on the other side of hall way”,but they said “NO,NO,you need go to our place”, I told thme I don’t want to go,let’s sit down on the bench and talk”, then the two Det move to standing with me side by side,one on my right handside,the other one on  my left hand side”,they force me go with them. I insist to sit down on the bench,but they weare guns and force me go with them. Is not this a kidnapping or intentional false arrest ?

Kidnapping or intentional false arrests, resulting in a loss of liberty.
1.They flash their badge, show me they weare gun,I ask their business card or name,they said “you don’t need”. From first minute to last minute, they refused to identify themselves or gave business card.
2. By fraud, they told me they need to talk with me about my mortgage fraud case, I answer, let’s sit down on the bench, but they said “No”, go to our office,
3. By force, they show me they weare gun again and change position, one standing in my right hand side, the other in my left hand side, force me to go with them. I said “NO”, let’s sit down there (on the other side of hall way has bench), but they forced me go with them to a small unmarked car ,then ride to Queens DA office back door.

No Miranda warning

No complaint number

No any legal paper

Criminal Restraint:

They act like mafia, shouting and shouting to give me a “listen”, to warning again and again.
They “abuse authority” to “knowingly hold me in a condition of involuntary in a small room inside Queens DA office.
They refuse me to see lawyer or Assistant DA Jason Garelick or Mike Abseny(they handled my mortgage fraud case in Queens DA office).
Criminal threatening:

1.They act like mafia in God father movie, kept said “Every place has gang”.

2.They force me Never file complaint about Judge Joseph Golia bias,discrimination,deprive my due process rights to counter claim,cross claim,discovery,deposition,subpoena any piece of paper,or people to foreclosure my home.

3.They forced me to give up my house,they said my house is belong to the bank,never fighting again.
Witness intimidation
They forced me Never contact Det Keith Ng,Kin Lee again ,these two police used to handle my mortgage fraud investigation, they agreed to testify about thcommitted by the other criminals without subpoena.

Would you mind to assign the other investigator to handle my case ?

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