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From:McEnany, John (USANYS) (USANYS)
Subject:RE: Our conversation this afternoon
Date:Wed, Oct 21, 2015 12:17 pm

Mr. Galison:

This will confirm receipt of your email. Please note the following concerning our Office’s practice regarding Civilian Crime Reports:

If we determine that a Civilian Crime Report we receive raises a matter within the jurisdiction of this Office that should be investigated further and that additional information from you is necessary for our investigation, an agent would contact you. Other than in exceptional situations, we neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation unless and until charges are publicly filed. Even as to persons who may have reported a possible crime to our Office (and/or believe themselves to be a victim of an uncharged crime), we do not provide updates regarding any action that may have been taken on their report unless there is an investigative or other specific reason to communicate with them.  Nevertheless, please be assured that this Office takes all allegations of criminal conduct very seriously and carefully reviews any investigative evidence presented to support such allegations in determining whether further investigation by this Office is appropriate.

-John McEnany
John M. McEnany
Associate U.S. Attorney
United States Attorney’s Office
Southern District of New York
One St. Andrew’s Plaza
New York, NY 10007
(212) 637-2571

From: Wgalison []
Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2015 12:01 PM
To: McEnany, John (USANYS)
Subject: Re: Our conversation this afternoon

Dear Mr. McEnany,

Thank you very much for your time on the phone this afternoon. I am very grateful to be able to bring this complaint directly to your attention, due to its immense importance and timeliness. As I mentioned, I originally submitted this complaint, in printed from, by hand to your security guard at One St. Andrew’s Plaza on October 8th, 2015. I am now sending you the complaint in electronic form which contains dozens of links to web pages showing pertinent evidence, including sound recordings, video recordings and many official documents and emails. These are accessible by links in the electronic form, but obviously not in the printed form which I delivered to your office. I should mention that the complaint has also been published on a website that I have been maintaing for the past several years, This site contains lots of ancillary evidence and information that may not be linked to from the complaint itself. I hope you will examine the site carefully to further acquaint yourself with the case. You may be interested to know that the blog has received over 111,000 views from all over the world and continues to receive thousands every month.

The reason I am sending this to your office five years after the incident took place is that I wanted to make sure that I had exhausted every available recourse in law enforcement so that you would not "knock it downstairs". Astonishingly,I found that not only would no law enforcement agencies- including the NYPD, the NYAG, the Queens DA, the NYDOI/OIG, and the New York FBI- address the obvious criminality in this case; they all clearly participating in the cover up, ultimately protecting the people who killed Sunny Sheu, and denying the heroic Mr. Sheu any semblance of justice after death. 

Although the web of malfeasance by all of the above agencies (and many others) is vast and complex, the central crime of this case can be expressed in one phrase: The Medical Examiner ruled that the manner of Sunny Sheu's death was "undetermined", which means it is potentially a homicide and must be investigated, and there has never been even a cursory investigation. 

Of course, this case is far far worse than that. Not only did the NYPD ignore the M.E.'s official determination, they altered it. Weeks after the Medical Examiner ruled that the manner of death was "undetermined" the NYPD pronounced that the manner of death was "natural", and over the past five years, they have never changed that "determination", which of course they have no standing to make. To put it bluntly, if the NYPD (or anyone else) is allowed change the Medical Examiner's official ruling on the manner of death, that gives them carte blanche to kill with impunity. They can shoot someone in the head, and when the M.E. declares the death "homicide by gunshot", they can change his ruling to say "accidental by choking on a peanut". It is game over for Police accountability, and that is precisely what this case represents. Incredibly, it has now been passed off to the NYPD Department of Internal Affairs, which is unacceptable for a myriad of reasons. 

As mentioned in the preface, this complaint is under your jurisdiction because I am not asking you to solve a murder which happened in Queens. I am asking you to prosecute a cover up which is taking place primarily in Manhattan, primarily at 1 Police Plaza and at 80 Maiden Lane. 

As you may know, I have sent two other criminal complaints to your office over the past several years, both of immense importance. My first complaint regarded the systemic corruption in the nomination and confirmation of Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman. While I never received as much as an acknowledgment of this complaint, I have been somewhat gratified that, albeit years later, your office has since investigated and indicted Sheldon Silver, who was in fact uniquely responsible for Lippman's ascension. I hope that Lippman will eventually be held to account for the massive damage his corruption has wrought on New York State.

My second complaint regarded blatantly  criminal acts by members of the Moreland Commission, and this complaint likewise foreshadowed your investigation of that august body and its instigator. I hope that eventually, your office will prosecute the Commissioners who altered and deleted key sworn testimony that implicated their friends and colleagues, including Lippman. 

So both of my two complaints, although ostensibly ignored by your office, corresponded to matters of public corruption that eventually became among your highest profile investigations. I suggest that two out of three is a pretty good record, and I hope you will keep this in mind while examining the case of Sunny Sheu. I realize that the implicated parties are enormously powerful people, but I am encouraged by your pursuit of the prosecution of Sheldon Silver, Skelos and perhaps Governor Cuomo. 

I would be extremely grateful for a brief response to this letter, but I am expressly requesting an acknowledgement of my complaint receipt, by email and also by "snail mail".  Thank you very much.

In the name of Justice,

Will Galison
917 517 7344

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