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Two days after Sunny Sheu's death and one day after the NYPD illegally transported his body to the Queens Morgue, Detective Chris Austin of the 109th Precinct (where Sunny was killed) conveyed a message to the NYPD liaison to the Medical Examiner, Detective William Grant. 

Grant then conveyed this message, in the form of a memo, to the Medical Examiner who was assigned to autopsy Sunny's body.

The message stated, in part: 

"The undersigned [Detective Grant] conferred with Detective Austin of the 109th [Homicide] Squad. He reports that he decedent was witnessed to collapse at the above location. The 911 caller was interviewed by EMS and police officers. The 911 caller stated that he decedent was walking with a pedometer in his hand when he collapsed. The squad is holding this case as an accident with no criminality." 

IF THE MEMO IS TRUE; if a credible witness saw Sheu walking and suddenly fall down, then all the police have to do is to identify the witness who saw Sheu collapse, and this case will be entirely solved. 

The cause and manner of Sheu's death would be determined. Judge Golia, the NYPD, the Queens DA, the OIG, DOI, NYAG, OCA New York Hospital, Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed, Senators Adams and Sampson, Representative Nadler, Mayor De Blasio and all the rest would be vindicated, and the Blackstar News and other advocates for Mr. Sheu would be ripe for reproof, not to mention lawsuits for defamation. 

HOWEVER, IF THE MEMO IS NOT TRUE; if NO witness saw Sheu collapse, then all of the above are implicated in the conspiracy to cover up the circumstances of the death of Sunny Sheu. 

If the memo is not true, then Detective Austin and  Detective Grant issued the memo in order to lead the Medical Examiner to a false determination of how Sheu received his fatal head wounds. 
There can be no other motive for this deception other than to hide the true cause of Sheu's injuries and to protect the parties that caused them. 

That would, at the least, represent "Accessory to Murder after the Fact" and as it was committed "under color of law" it would be a federal felony.

It would indicate that Austin was working in cahoots with (or was) the anonymous NYPD officers who ordered Sheu's body to be removed from the hospital.

It means that the NYPD- right up to Commissioners Kelly and Bratton, the OIG, the DOI, the FBI and all the other "oversight"  agencies knew that there was no record of a witness and held no investigation into this deception by NYPD detectives. 

It would mean that the true circumstances of Sheu's death are being covered up at every level of law enforcement and civil service including the Mayor's office. 

Listen to the actual 911 tapes for yourself and decide which one of these witnesses, when allegedly interviewed at some point, could have told police officers and the EMS that they had seen Sunny "walking with a pedometer when he collapsed…." 


1) It is obvious from the recordings that none of the 911 witnesses saw him collapse. If a person sees a person collapse and end up lying on the ground unconscious, it is human nature to report the critical fact that the person collapsed, as the reason he is now lying on the ground. 

But none of the three mention Sheu falling down; all simply mention a man "lying on the ground", even after many questions by the 911 operator.

Likewise if a witness sees a person get shot or get hit by a car, he does not say, "there's a man lying on the ground"; he says, "a man has been shot" or "a man has been hit by a car".

2) Queens ADA Laura Weinstock told the BSN that "there was no investigation because there was no witness"

3) Detective "Ardisano" of the 109th told the BSN that there was "no witness"

4) There is ZERO paperwork or documentation reflecting any interview with any of the 911 witnesses. There is no mention of an interview in the notebook of the attending officer on the scene Detective Campuzano. 

5) Despite multiple FOIL requests- over five years, to the NYPD, EMS, NYFD, DOI, OIG, for any documentation regarding a "witness interview", or even the identity of the witness, not one document has been provided.


Austin told the BSN on June 23rd, the day of Sheu's death, at 9:17 PM that there was "no head trauma" echoing ER Doctor Ahmed. 

But Austin could have ONLY received this information from Ahmed, as no police officer or EMS technician is qualified to make the determination of "NO HEAD TRAUMA" without a CAT scan or other forensic examination.

WHY was Austin in contact with Ahmed on the night of Sheu's death? Does Ahmed report to the police on the condition of every person who dies naturally in the precinct?

If Ahmed had found head trauma he may have contacted Austin, but if found NO head trauma, as he said he did, he would have no reason to contact Austin.

The only explanation of how Austin claimed to know that Sheu had no head trauma is that he and Ahmed were reading from the same script, which had been pre-determined before Ahmed examined Sheu. The plan was to tell Sheu's friends that there was no head trauma, that Sheu died naturally, and that there was no "foul play". 

But the police could not tell the Medical Examiner- who was performing a full autopsy- that there was no head trauma. They needed a story that explained the head trauma but did not involve Sheu being hit on the head.  That was the purpose of the "witness" story.  

One obvious flaw in the story is this:  if the Police and EMS interviewed witness who saw Sheu collapse in a way that caused fatal head trauma, either police or EMS would have told Ahmed immediately. In this case, Ahmed could not have been unaware of the trauma, and so his report of "no head trauma" to Sheu's friends was not a mistake, but an intentional deception. 

In fact, Officer Ramos told five of Sheu's friends that Sheu had suffered "massive head trauma" at around 3:30 pm, around the time Sheu arrived at the hospital. But that was not because a witness was interviewed who saw him collapsed. It was because any EMS technician can tell if a victim's skull has been crushed to the extent that the brain is fatally injured. It is the first thing they test for.  

If Ramos told Sheu's friends about the head trauma, he and/or the EMS must have told both Ahmed and precinct about the trauma, proving again that both Ahmed and Austin lied. 

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