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Galison correspondence with Office of Congressman Jerry Nadler

From: Wgalison

Ms. Wett,
In your email of 10/12/10 you wrote: The Congressman’s office is not a law enforcement office and we have no jurisdiction over law enforcement.
The webpage for the House Judiciary Committee states: "The jurisdiction of the The House Committee on the Judiciary as follows: 7. Criminal law enforcement.
Mr. Nadler is the Chairman of the House Committee on the Judiciary.

Your statement that "we have no jurisdiction over law enforcement" is misleading. I made it absolutely clear at our meeting, in our phone conversations and in my email of 9/29/10 that I was appealing to Mr. Nadler as my Congressional representative AND as the chair of the House Judiciary Committee. In my email of 9/29/10, I wrote: "The FBI's systemic failure to fulfill their duty in this matter puts this matter in the jurisdiction of the federal representative and the Judiciary Committee." At our meeting of 8/18, I mentioned that I was appealing to Mr. Nadler in his capacity of Judiciary Committee chairman no fewer than five times.

In that context, for you to say that your office has no jurisdiction over law enforcement exhibits either ignorance of the Committee's jurisdiction or something more sinister. If you argue that the NYC office does not house the Committee staff, why didn't you refer me to the Washington office or to the Judiciary Committee directly?

Instead, you sent me to the Queens DA's office; the same people who kidnapped and threatened Sunny Sheu with death if he went to the authorities about Golia. I went to you about Golia because Sunny is now dead, and you turned me over to the Queens DA who claims to be investigating.  If they were investigating, how could they allow the unauthorized cremation of Sunny's body? How could they fail to contact any of the people who spent hundreds of hours with him in the weeks before he died? Why does the DA say there was no witness when the M.E. says that the police report mentioned a witness who "saw him fall"?  Who is investigating the false police report?, etc...

This is a case of state-sponsored murder and your office is helping cover it up and putting my life and others' in danger. I am requesting that you take action to mitigate this danger. 

I am distributing this letter widely and requesting an immediate response to my concerns, namely:

- Why did you refer my complaint to the people who a) provably kidnapped and threatened Sunny Sheu with death, and b) are covering up his murder. 

- Why did you fail to refer me to the Judiciary Committee which has jurisdiction over law enforcement?

- What are you going to do to mitigate the threat of retaliation against me?


Will Galison


Subject:Re: Murder of Sunny Sheu; your ineptitude in this matter
Date:Tue, Oct 12, 2010 4:43 pm

Ms. Wett,

I am shocked and outraged by your reply. Your actions have drawn a target on my back and put my life in grave jeopardy.  Whether this was done out of malice or ineptitude I do not yet know. 

It is obvious from your response that you did not listen to me when I spoke to you at your office, and that you did not read any of my subsequent correspondence, even though I told you that this was a matter of life and death.  

- I could not have made it clearer that I wished to keep my name strictly out of the conversation in regard to the case of Sunny's murder.

- I could not have made it clearer that the Queens DA is the primary suspect in the murder of Sunny Sheu, as it was two detectives from the Queens DA's office that threatened Sunny with death if he went to the authorities or media about the abuses against him. (see the first paragraph of my letter of September 17th, that YOU attached to this correspondence).

1)    The detainment of Sunny Sheu by Queens DA Detectives was illegal
and must be investigated. A citizen cannot be detained without
reasonable cause and/or a warrant, and without a charge being
brought against him.

- I went to your office specifically because the NYPD, the Queens DA and the FBI are provably complicit in the cover up of Mr. Shue's murder, and because my requesting FOIL records would put me in danger. 

- I told you that Mr. Sheu and I had been to the Queens DA and the NYPD to find out the names of the Queens DA detectives that kidnapped him and the person that ordered the kidnapping and that we were refused, in violation of federal law.

- he Queens DA lied to you about the investigation. There is no investigation being conducted by the Queens DA or any other institution. If the Queens DA or anybody else were investigating the murder they would have contacted me long ago, as I was the last person to see Sunny alive and the first to see him dead, the one who visited the FBI with him, who accompanied him to the OCA on six occasions, the one who filmed the video predicting his murder, the one who identified his body, etc.

- Did you ask the Queens DA how Sunny's body was allowed to be cremated if there was an ongoing investigation into his death?

- Did you ask the Queens DA why the person who reportedly gave permission and paid for the cremation has never heard of Sunny Sheu?

- Did you do any diligence at all in determining whether my allegation of corruption at the Queens DA were legitimate?

-The only reason that the Queens DA would want  to know my name is so they can make sure I do not pursue justice for Sunny. That they will use any means to attain that end has been proven. 

- In any case the Queens DA must not be allowed to investigate this case, because they are the primary suspects, named by the victim as his murderers in his video and his sworn testimony to the FBI.

All the information you have supplied below was familiar to me months ago.  The reason I do not pursue these avenues is simple. If the NYPD, DA's office or FBI did not murder Sunny Sheu, it is established by my recordings that they are protecting the people who did. As I told you, I have already had my own life threatened by the Manhattan DA's office for complaining about another Supreme court judge. I have already been to the NYPD and the FBI with Sunny, and witnessed the disdain and illegal runaround he received. 

If I ever did receive the names they are hiding facts through a FOIL request, I would be as good as dead. Just requesting them would put me in grave danger. It is not my job to investigate Sunny's murder. It is the government's job, and if the state authorities are complicit, the FBI gets involved. If the FBI is complicit or unresponsive, my only recourse is to appeal to my federal representative, which is Mr. Nadler. Redress to grievances is my fundamental right as an American citizen, and Mr. Nadler is ultimately responsible for  protecting my Constitutional rights.

 I made this absolutely clear in our initial meeting and subsequent phone conversations, all of which are recorded and available to you or your colleagues for consideration.

I am requesting another meeting with your superiors at Mr. Nadler's office to mitigate the jeopardy your actions have placed me in. I will also appeal to my contacts at the Congressman's DC office. 

Will Galison

-----Original Message-----
From: Wett, Jessica <
To: <>
Sent: Tue, Oct 12, 2010 1:08 pm
Subject: RE: Our correspondence: Please confirm receipt.

Mr. Galison,
I discussed this mater with the Congressman’s Chief of Staff.  The Congressman’s office is not a law enforcement office and we have no jurisdiction over law enforcement. It would not be appropriate for the Congressman’s office to review the audio tapes you described.  In response to the concerns you raised about the absence of an investigation into Sunny’s death, we did contact the Queens District Attorney’s office and according to the Assistant District Attorney working on the case, there is an ongoing investigation into the death of Sunny Sheu because the Medical Examiner’s report listed Sunny’s death as “Undetermined.” We have made her aware of your concerns and that you have information and audio tapes regarding the case and have asked her to contact you.
Also as per our last conversation, below is the information regarding FOIL requesting a document from the NYPD and requesting a copy of the Medical Examiner’s report for non-next of kin:
You mention below about the police saying there is only an “aided report” so I have provided information on requesting both a police report and an aided report.  In case you are not familiar, Aided Reports record occurrences when an individual is injured (not involving a motor vehicle), becomes sick or lost and service is rendered by the New York City Police Department.
Police Report FOIL requests to the NYPD should be sent to:

Police Department Legal Bureau
F.O.I.L. Unit, Room 110C
1 Police Plaza
New York, NY 10038
It is best to send your request certified mail so you have proof it was received. The serial number that appears on the green and white postal service certified mail slip used to mail a request should be included in the heading of the request letter, so that it will be clear that the delivery receipt corresponds to the specific FOIL request letter. It is customary to receive a confirming letter stating an estimated response date within 30 days of your request.  The number to contact for NYPD FOIL related questions is (646) 610-5296. Once the documents requested are located, the NYPD may include a bill for the copying charges with the documents they produce or request payment of the amount in advance, before making the copies. Also, please keep in mind that under FOIL there are exceptions to disclosure for some records.

To obtain a copy of an Aided Report click on this hyperlink and properly complete the necessary captions on a REQUEST FOR COPY OF AIDED [PD301-161] form. Print the form and mail it along with a self-addressed stamped envelope with a check or money order for $10.00 payable to the NYC Police Department. 
The completed form, along with the $10.00 service fee and a self-addressed stamped envelope should be mailed to:
New York City Police Department
Criminal Records Section (Aided Unit)
1 Police Plaza
Room 300
New York, NY 10038
Medical Examiner
The Office of Chief Medical Examiner can release the report, an original notarized authorization must be obtained from all individuals other then immediate next of kin.  In the event the report being requested is for a decedent who has no next of kin, the requester must obtain a Letter of Administration from the court in order to receive the report.  Additional questions can be addressed to the Legal Department for the Office of Chief Medical Examiner at (212) 323-1900. 
Relatives authorized to receive reports include (spouse, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousin, nieces, nephews, great aunts/uncles and great nieces/nephews).  Please allow 6 to 8 weeks from the time your request is received for delivery of report.
Information will only be released based on the following:
Requests must be submitted in writing or on official company letterhead.
Death certificates can be obtained from the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene – Bureau of Vital Records, 125 Worth Street New York NY, 10013. Telephone number: (212) 788-4520.
I hope this information is helpful.
Jessica Wett
Constituent Services Representative
Congressman Jerrold Nadler
201 Varick St., Suite 669
New York, NY 10014
Tel: (212) 367-7350
Fax: (212) 367-7356

From: Wgalison []
Sent: Friday, September 17, 2010 2:49 PM
To: Wett, Jessica
Subject: Our correspondence: Please confirm receipt.
Dear Jessica,

I sent the following email on September 15th, but did not receive acknowledgment of receipt. I used an alternate email account, so perhaps you did not recognize it as coming from me. I would very much appreciate a confirmation that you received this resend. I am also awaiting word from your office regarding the issues we discussed. Have you FOILed the autopsy report form the Queens Medical Examiner?



Original letter:


Dear Jessica,

Thanks very much for your time this evening.

I came away concerned that you may still not fully understand some
facts of this case. I urge you to review the press release
carefully, and to access the links on it. The story from the
Blackstar News contains direct, authenticated quotes and assertions
by Judge Golia’s law clerk, Mr. Sheu and other pertinent parties
regarding the circumstances of Sunny’s illegal detention.

Your suggestion that I was accusing someone of murdering Sunny is
incorrect. All I am demanding is an investigation of the crimes
against him, which is a fundamental civil right of every crime
victim, alive or dead.

Even if it cannot be immediately established that Sunny was
murdered, the following facts cannot be denied:

1)    The detainment of Sunny Sheu by Queens DA Detectives was illegal
and must be investigated. A citizen cannot be detained without
reasonable cause and/or a warrant, and without a charge being
brought against him.

2)    NYPD Detective Keith Eng told Sunny that the DA Detectives had
kidnapped him, as defined in the New York State Penal Code S 135.20

3)    The suppression of the identities of the detectives that
detained Sunny was illegal and must be investigated. Sunny was
unable to bring charges against the DA Detectives that illegally
detained him, because he was deprived of the public information of
their identities until the day he died.

4)    The identity of the person that ordered the detention has been
illegally suppressed and must be investigated. Police cannot
arbitrarily detain citizens without a charge, and a charge must be
placed by someone. In this case, the person who directed the DA
Detectives to detain Sunny has never been identified.

5)    The Medical Examiner has officially classified the manner of
Sunny's death as "Undetermined".

6)    Under NY State Law, undetermined deaths must be investigated.

7)    The M.E. says he was given that a “police report” mentions a
witness to Sunny’s collapse.

8)    The police deny that a report exists, citing only an “aided”
report that does not mention a witness.

9)    No witness has ever come forward or been identified

10)    The Police illegally removed Sunny’s body from the hospital
without legally identifying it, and without waiting for the next of
kin to claim it.

11)    The police have contradicted the Medical examiner regarding the
violent cause of Sunny's death in a dated and verifiable form that
would be admissible as evidence in a court of law.

12)    There has been no investigation of the death of Sunny Sheu.

13)    The person who reportedly released the body for cremation has
never heard of Sunny Sheu.

If you were to receive an autopsy report from the M.E or police
that contradicts my testimony and documented evidence, you could
not legitimately take their word over mine, especially when I can
provide audio tapes that would be admissible in court, proving my

Your unwillingness to listen to the tapes I sent you is very
troubling. The FBI decided that the DA detectives had a right to
deprive me of my rights without listening to the tape of that
incident. That is not fair, and it is not legal in this country.
Furthermore, members of the NYPD often lie. Bernard Keric, former
Chief of the NYPD is in prison today along with many other
government officials.

The facts alone are sufficient to require a criminal investigation.
As the NYPD has refused to do so, and the NY bureau FBI has not
returned a single letter or phone call regarding this matter, I am
relying on you, my representative to the US Government  to fulfill
my Constitutional guarantee to the right to redress of grievances.

In less fancy terms. My friend Sunny was kidnapped and later killed
after reporting death threats. His death is undetermined and yet
there is no investigation, which is against the law.. I have
verifiable evidence that the NYPD is covering this up. I am
appealing to you for help, in the name of humanity and in the name
of our Constitution.


Will Galison


  1. I weep for the future of amerika. Can't wait for Goria to make the supreme court for his service to the empire

    1. Thank you Wei. I am grateful for you attention to this tragedy and its implications


  2. Will:

    I just ran across your blog and it deeply saddens me that our judicial system has sank to this type of low. It reminds me of an old movie, Star Chamber. I wish you good luck in your pursuit of justice for your friend.

    Paul D. Masley
    Charleston, WV

    1. Thank you very much Paul. I just found your comment now. There is lots of new evidence in this case, and we have indications that the new Mayor and NYPD Commissioners are very interested in finally getting justice for Sunny.

      Please keep in touch,



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