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Correspondence with NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman regarding the Death of Sunny Sheu

Correspondence with NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman regarding the Death of Sunny Sheu. 


On Apri 14th, 2010, Sunny Sheu and Will Galison went to see Senator Schneiderman at his first campaign speech and Q and A session, which was held at Mr. Dennehy's bar in the village. Galison had testified at the recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on judicial corruption, (Schneiderman sits on that committee but has not attended any of the public hearings on judicial corruption):

Sunny was scheduled to testify at the next hearing.  Before the Q and A session, Schneiderman's PR man, James Freedland approached Galison and Sheu and asked them what they were going to ask the Senator. That seemed inappropriate, but they answered:  

Sheu said he wanted to ask the Senator what he could do about death threats Sunny said he had received from two NYPD detectves on behalf of Supreme Court Judge Joseph Golia. 

Freedland told the pair that we should not ask the questions at a public meeting, but that the senator would be happy to have a personal meeting with them to discuss these concerns.

In the following weeks Galison called Schneiderman's office many times and was told that he senator was too busy to have a meeting.

Two months later, Sunny Shue was murdered.   

In light of the fact that Sunny was scheduled to testify at the senator's hearings on judicial corruption, and that he had been apparently murdered by a judge whose threats he had tried to report to the senator, Galison felt that the senator might be eager to meet with him to discuss the circumstances. 

However, Senator Schneiderman's staff have never returned any of Galison's message calls requests for a meeting.

December 29th, 2011 Facebook Message to AG Eric Schneiderman re: no investigation of Sheu's death.

December 29th,2011

[Dear Mr. Schneiderman:]

NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF NEW YORK STATE has a death officially ruled "undetermined" by the Medical Examiner received NO investigation by law enforcement. 

By law, ALL "undetermined deaths MUST be investigated by law enforcement. 

There have been many fraudulent rulings by crooked M.E.'s and fixed and botched investigations by lazy and corrupt cops, but NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF NEW YORK STATE has a death ruled "undetermined" by the Medical Examiner been BLATANTLY AND OFFICIALLY ignored by city, state and federal law enforcement. 


In June 2010, Queens NY resident, and anti -corruption whistoeblower, Sun Ming "Sunny" Sheu posted a Youtube video predicting his murder by NYPD police and a NY State Supreme Court Judge.

Days later he was found with his head crushed on an abandoned street in Queens. 

Queens Medical Examiner/ Coroner Michael Greenberg ruled the manner of Sunny Sheu's death "UNDETERMINED" and the cause of death "BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA TO THE HEAD WITH SKULL FRACTURES AND BRAIN INJURIES ", but there has been NO investigation since Sunny's death on June 26th 2010.

For more details, see:

Sunny's case is of paramount importance to ALL Americans. If a citizen can be killed without investigation, our civi liberties are non-existant. 

The NYPD has violated Freedom of information laws by refusing to release any information about the circumstances of Sunny Sheu's death. 

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