Sunday, July 29, 2012

Unanswered Questions in the Sunny Sheu Case


1)    Who are the Queens DA detectives who detained Sunny?

2)    Who ordered the detention?

3)    Why are the Queens DA, NYPD and CCRB suppressing the identities of the above?

4)    Who was the “witness” (if there was one) that saw Sunny collapse?

5)    Who made the 911 call to report Sunny’s injury?

6)    What EMS picked up Sunny?

7)    What was Sunny doing five miles from his home on a dead end industrial strip?

8)    What time was the incident reported?

9)    Why did Dr. Ahmed not relieve skull pressure?

10)  Why did Ahmed lie about Sunny’s injuries?

11)   Was Ahmed told to lie to Galison and Brobowsky?

12)  What did the detective who visited Ahmed at 9:00 talk to him about?

13) Why were Galison and Brobowsky given the wrong form to identify the body?

14) Why did Captain Austin lie to Sherry about cause of death?

15)  Why was body moved from hospital?

16)  Who in the NYPD ordered the transfer of the body?

17)  How did the Police identify Sheu’s body?

18)  Why did the ME refuse twice before transferring on third request?

19) Why did the ME accept the body the third time?

20)  Who iat the hospital authorized the release of the body

21)  What legal basis is there for police to transfer body?

22) What legal basis is there for the ME to move and accept the body without a record of the party that identified the body?

23) Who in the ME dept accepted the transfer?

24) Why did Captain Austin send a false memo to ME?

25) Why did Austin say that his squad had determined no criminality when in fact the squad had not been made aware of Sunny’s death?

26) Why was Bung J Ha listed as “executor” when he was not?

27) What verification of Bung Ha’s executorship was presented to the M.E.?

28) Who at the M.E. released the body to Bung Ha?

29) What became of the possessions of Sunny Sheu, including the evidence he collected regarding alleged financial fraud by Golia?

30) Why has there been no investigations of the allegations of financial fraud against Golia

31) Why was Sunny Sheu's house returned to his estate after his death?

32) Who killed Sunny Sheu?

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