Friday, March 16, 2012


Some have suggested that the letter Sunny Sheu admitted to have left in the mailbox of Judge Golia may have been of a threatening nature, and that the judge then had a legitimate right to have Sunny detained and  questioned.

In fact, if the letter had been perceived to be threatening, the sole Constitutional remedy would have been for Judge Golia to request a temporary restraining order against Mr. Shue, which would be binding until the matter was adjudicated by another independent judge.

If the TRO were upheld by the independent judge, Mr, Sheu could have been ordered to stay away from Golia's property or person.

That is the SOLE Constitutional procedure for citizens, for mayors, for presidents and for judges.

The Constitution does not allow for unwarranted detention and interrogation of citizens or  residents.

The forcible and warrantless abduction of Sunny Sheu by NYPD detectives of the Queens DA Bureau is a case of Kidnapping in the Second degree, as defined by the NY Penal Code

Regardless of the above, the letter left by Sunny Sheu in the mail box was thoroughly innocuous, and cannot be perceived as threatening in any way:

Here is a copy of the actual letter that Sunny left in the Mailbox of Judge Golia.

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