Monday, December 12, 2011

Black Star News Letter To Senator John Sampson

At the time of Sunny's murder John Sampson was the Chairman of the NY Senate Judiciary Committee, and the presiding member of the Committee on Judicial Corruption. 

Sampson  invited Sheu to be a witness at the September 4, 2009 hearings on judicial corruption. Then, at the last minute, Sampson prohibited Sunny from testifying, claiming there was no more time. There is a video of Sunny speaking to Sampson at the end of the hearing, and handing him his testimony. 

 Sampson promised Sunny that he could testify at the the next hearing, but no further hearing has ever been held. 

Sheu also wrote Sampson a letter requesting to testify at the next hearing, which was ignored. 

Eight months after the September 4th hearing, Sunny was bludgeoned to death in Queens, after posting a youtube video that he had been kidnapped and threatened by NYPD detectives under orders of Judge Golia.

This letter asks Sampson what he intends to do about the lack of investigation into the murder of a witness he personally called to testify at his hearing.

Senator Sampson never responded to this letter in any way. 

Shame on him.

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