Friday, September 9, 2011

E-mail to producer of "Nancy Grace Show"

Dear Ms Schiavo:

I hope my writing you at this e-mail address is appropriate. I found it on your website and wanted to contact you directly. 
My name is Will Galison. I am a musician by profession, but became a part-time journalist after my colleague, corruption whistleblower Sunny Sheu was murdered last year. A summary and in-depth documentation of this shocking case can be found at
The Nancy Grace show has done an excellent job helping law enforcement investigate cases, but in this particular case, law enforcement officials are involved in a documented cover-up, and are even implicated in the murder itself. 

I pray that your show has the journalistic independence to handIe a case under these conditions.
In late 2009, Sunny Sheu requested witness protection from the FBI Manhattan Bureau after being kidnapped and threatened by two NYPD detectives on the orders of a NY Supreme court judge.
He posted a video on Youtube predicting his death at the hands of the judge and the NYPD and was killed weeks later. 
Hours after his death, the NYPD removed his body from the hospital and tried to arrange a false autopsy report and a summary cremation from the Medical Examiner.
The M.E. would not play along with the NYPD, and pronounced the death "undetermined"which requires an investigation, but none has been undertaken to date.
The FBI, who failed to protect Mr. Sheu in the first place has refused to look into various "crimes under color of law" by the NYPD, including the removal of the body, the false testimony to the M.E. and the lack of investigation, not to mention the murder itself. They have even refused to answer calls and emails offering hard evidence about the murder. 
This is a story that could bring down corrupt officials at the highest level of the NYPD, the NY Office of Court Administration, the FBI NY bureau and one of the largest hospital groups in NY, among others.
At issue is the ability of City, State and Federal agencies to kidnap, threaten murder a citizen without investigation, leaving every US citizen vulnerable.
Exposing it will only require the efforts of one "mainstream"  journalist with the integrity and independence to pursue it. I and others have access to dozens of hours of recorded testimony and stacks of documentation by Mr. Sheu and from the pertinent agencies, but the story can be told in one sentence:
"Whistleblower killed; manner of death declared "undetermined"; no investigation." 

By law, there simply cannot be an undetermined death with no investigation, and yet both the M.E.'s death certificate and the statements of the NYPD are publicly available documents that prove just that. 
The story of Sunny's death was reported in the Blackstar NewsThe Business Insider, and literally thousands of blogs on the web. No one has been sued, nothing has been denied, for the simple reason that the perpetrators cannot to bring this story to the courts without exposing their guilt. The mention of this case on Nancy Grace's show would be an enormous victory for justice, and a blow against the ultimate government abuse; murder of a citizen with impunity.

This is a story of national importance, and I thank you for looking into it right away. I look forward to your response.

Yours truly,

Will Galison
Black Star News
212 677 7344

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