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Will Galison on the "Power Hour" radio show, Monday July 18th

The Sunny Sheu story w/ Will Galison on THE POWER HOUR

MONDAY – JULY 18 – SPECIAL “Mortgage Fraud” FEATURE:

w. WILL GALISON, witness and DAVID KRIEGER, Foreclosure Crime Specialist

“This is the story of Sunny Sheu
But it coulda been me and it coulda been you
If we don't stand up for what's right and whats true
We're gonna ALL end up like Sunny Sheu”

Musician WILL GALISON shares an extraordinary story of his good friend, SUNNY SHEU, whose home was stolen by mortgage fraud in 2001. Sunny performed due diligence in his 10 year effort to save his property and consequently uncovered major judicial corruption in New York.

Sunny uncovered evidence about the fraud ring, including daming evidence against a prominent NY Supreme Court judge, Joseph Golia. Knowing the import of what he was about to bring forward - SUNNY MADE A VIDEO PREDICTING HIS OWN MURDER AND POSTED IT ON YOUTUBE.​ch?v=3Tr3QChAy4Y

He also met with FBI agent Rachel Rojas, handing her reams of documentation of the mortgage fraud, and begging her for witness protection. He was ignored.


Three days after announcing that he had enough evidence to put the judge in jail, Sunny was found in a terminal coma, on a deserted street miles from his home, his skull crushed from behind.

Hours after his death, the NYPD illegally transported Sunny's body to the Morgue for an instant autopsy, and shortly thereafter the body was cremated on the fraudulent authorization of a party with no relation to Sunny.

But the Queens Coroner did not go along with the NYPD plan. According to the official autopsy report, Sunny was murdered by "blunt force trauma to the head, with skull fractures and brain injuries".

To this day, the NYPD and the New York Hospital insist that he died of an "aneurism" with "not a scratch on his head".

The Coroner also declared the "manner of death" undetermined, meaning that an investigation is mandatory by law.

However, over the past 13 months, no investigation has been launched by city, state or federal law enforcement.

The NYPD continues to violate NY state FOIL law by refusing to release public records regarding Sheu's murder, including the alleged 911 call they claim alerted them to the crime.

Six months after his death, Sunny's house was "returned" to his "estate". No one knows how or by whom.

Will Galison and Milton Alimadi of the Black Star News wrote two articles about the Sunny Sheu for which they received the "Restore Integrity Award" for journalism form the civil rights group POPULAR.

Summary of the story, with links to all the documented evidence supporting it:


The last hour will be open to questions and comments by callers.

ALSO INTERVIEWED: DAVID KRIEGER, Foreclosure Crime Specialist.

DAVID will put the crimes against Sunny Sheu into the perspective of the myriad foreclosure crimes committed daily against innocent homeowners.

DAVID KRIEGER provides information, for educational purposes only, with a timely analysis on the huge mess in the County Recorder’s Office, the gatekeepers on land records, (applies to every state) and how to deal with them!

In addition, an all-out war has begun by the mortgage/banking industry against anyone speaking out on questionable mortgages – they have never been more worried – so please keep marching! This is truly winnable.

Dave at:
TPH Recommended Dave Krieger's Book: CLOUDED TITLES (by) David Krieger
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