Thursday, July 7, 2011


Perhaps the most shocking and most sinister aspect of the saga of Sunny Sheu is the failure of any law enforcement agency to investigate the murder.

Because Sunny's death was ruled "Undetermined" by the Queens Medical Examiner, an investigation is required by State law, yet NY law enforcement have chosen to break the law by refusing to investigate. 

When State law enforcement breaks a law, it is called "crime under color of law" and that crime is covered by RICO and is under the jurisdiction of the FBI.

But the FBI has REFUSED to investigate the crimes of the state law enforcement. 

When the FBI refuses to investigate crimes by state law enforcement there is no recourse except the fury of the people. 

It is a matter of fact that Sunny's murderers are being protected by the NYPD (including its Commissioner Ray Kelly) , the New York Hospital of Queens and the Queens District Attorney's office, and that these agencies are being protected by the FBI.

We must make sure that the FBI is not protected by the American people's apathy.

Sunny Sheu's murder was a state sponsored assassination, with a state (federally) sponsored cover up.

If they get away with this one, the next victim may be me, you or your loved ones. This cannot stand.

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  1. Please blog my whole article about a whistleblower that has leaked correspondence and written a letter to Congress about the FBI boss in Greensboro, NC resident office has ignored federal crimes committed by corrupt judicial employees. Actual perjury, obstruction of justice by cover up or destruction of prosecution records and sweeping a perjury case under the rug since the perjury was conducted by a witness of the US Attorney in a criminal case that they maliciously prosecuted in bad faith. This isn't the only case the FBI has ignored. They also ignored a case reported by U.S. Congressman Mark Walker (R-NC) regarding Phil Berger Junior. accused of campaign money laundering. The FBI in Greensboro is refusing to investigate cases of public corruption. If anybody in Government or campaign offices may be engaging in criminal behavior, tjhe FBI boss in Greensboro will likely say all of them are "merit-less". So any proof of a witness saying multiple false statements in federal court is "merit-less" in a Greensboro FBI case?

    A whistleblower has revealed corruption of the FBI boss at the Greensboro, North Carolina, FBI office at 1801 Stanley Road.

    He has revealed that the duty agent was already set to have the leaker come down to the FBI to give a statement in regards to his federal criminal complaint against a Assistant US Attorney witness that has committed perjury in order to wrongfully punish that witness and interfere with his ability to timely file his actual innocence claim for his 2255 motion. "LEAK: Docs regarding Greensboro, NC FBI shut down of perjury case, Wikileaks letter"

    Cover up and destruction of some of prosecution files as admitted by Cheryl Sloan, intimidation and gag order request by corrupt Asst. US Attorney Anand P. Ramaswamy. They are trying to gag order and seal all records proving that the Government's criminal case was absolute BS (yes Bull you-know-what) and was meant to taken down an journalist that was featured in a New York Times article before he was wrongfully railroaded on a crime that he didn't commit. So he leaked all documents through his mother to my blog. The FBI ain't too happy about that so they may come after him for what he did. We need all whistleblower support blogs to cover this issue. Please!


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