Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prepared Testimony of Sunny Sheu For the Senate Judiciary Committee Public Hearings.

Prepared Testimony of Sunny Sheu For the Senate Judiciary Committee Public Hearings. 

On _______ at ___ o’clock, I went to Justice Golia’s court session. Earlier, I had submitted the letter from Det Keith Ng and Det Kin Lee saying that they were willing to testify without subpoena.As I stepped out of the court room (inside the court house, two plain clothes police approached me, displayed their guns and ordered me to go with them.

When I asked why, they said they needed to talk with me about the “mortgage fraud case”.They ordered me to enter an unmarked car and drove me to the Queens DA’s office, where we entered the building through a side door.Then they took me to a small room in Queens DA office, but they changed subject, acting just like mobsters in the “God Father” movies.

Then they told me we were not going to talk the mortgage fraud case. Instead they verbally abused me and threatened me for two hours, shouting that my house belongs to the bank, and that I should stop complaining.
  They told me again and again not to file allegations of bias and discrimination by Justice Golia. They told me that I should never contact NYPD Commissioner and Det Keith Ng Det Kin Lee. 

Basically they tried to intimidate and terrorize me into accepting the illegal confiscation of my home, and into not revealing this crime to the proper authorities or to the press. They were also clearly working to protect Judge Golia from accountability.

At one point they told me that I live in a dangerous neighborhood and that “something might happen” to me. I understood this to be a direct threat against my life.

The two Police officer never identified themselves and never showed me any warrant to interrogate me.Det Ng and Det Lee handled the mortgage fraud investigation. They know that the bank’s closing laywer intentionally falsified and forged documents in order to steal our house title and that they produced a fraudulent mortgage against our house.

Justice Golia prohibited us from: requesting discovery,producing any documents,subpoenaing any parties having depositions and making counter claims, cross claim or filing note of issue to have jury trial since the case began in 2001.

Justice Golia not only prohibited any discovery to find the facts and insist to prohibit us to subpoena DA,NYPD to testify since case began in 2001,too. So, after I sent letter about Det Ng and Det Lee willing to testify without subpoena Justice Golia was supprised.If Det Ng and Det Lee testify, Justice Golia will be forced to accept the facts……that the bank’s closing lawyer intentionally falsify closing documents to endorse the phony closing and produced a fraudulent mortgage against our house and got some money for himself , then the bank lose the legal capacity to against us, but the Police request me “don’t send letter about Det Ng,Det Lee want to testify without subpoena to Ms. Golia, Administrative judge, Judicial Conduct,NYS governor…… anybody again and again.

At any rate ,they don't want Det Ng and Det Lee to testify at all, but Det.Ng and Det Lee willing to testify without subpoena because of the criminals who committed the crime got $0 dollars of judgment, free to walk away and their house no need to been foreclosed and the bank’s closing lawyer run away.

Also,the two Police mentioned “every place has “gang”…….. our house is belong to bank,the bank need to foreclose it. Anyway, inside the small room,they try to find the reasons to lock me up,so they even question about my tax issues, my income, my immigration issues…….also check my pocket, my ID, my credit cards…use my hand to do “body search”…….

they keep threaten at me , they force me to agree, If I file any complaint about Justice Golia bias and discrimination or send letter about Det Ng,Det Let Lee willing to testify without subpoena , they will arrest me.

I am sure Justice Golia use “inside connection” to arrange this “Police show off”. This is not first time, Justice Golia using “inside connection” in Queens DA.The other strange thing had happened on about 2/3/2005-2/5/2005. 2/2/2005 after Queens DA/NYPD arrested the criminals who committed the fraud, Justice Golia called to ADA Jason Garelick requested me “Don’t go to Press Release”, because before 2/2/2005, Justice Golia had foreclosed our house for $1000 dollars to the bank,it’s a serious mistake and misconduct.

ADA Jason Garelick may faced too big pressures, he is not only request me “Don’t go to Press Release personally , he also called to Det Ng to request me “Don’t go to Press Release”(I have filed complaint about this to your office long ago).

Justice Golia has done his best to prohibit us to have any NY CPLR due process to have and discovery, deposition, subpoena, counter claim,cross claim since case began in 2001 over 8 years.

Now, Justice Golia using “Police Show off” again to prohibit Det Ng and Det Lee to testify the facts about the bank’s closing lawyer committed crimes in favor the bank to foreclose our house.

The two police just too crazy, although they have known that I have contacted their commissioner to get Det Ng and Det Lee to testify without subpoena.
Very Truly Yours,
Sun-Ming Sheu

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