Tuesday, June 28, 2011

letter from Sunny Sheu to Police Internal Affairs re letter to Golia

From: sunnysheu@hotmail.com
To: iab@nypd.org
Subject: to Mr. White Hust 5
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 17:38:16 +0000

Dear Mr. White Hust,

                    Let me straight forward, the main reason the judge sent that two Det to threating at me never contact Det Keith Ng,Det Kin Lee is because the judge has interest on my house, not because I left a letter in his home's mail box. IF Det Keith Ng or Det Kin Lee testify, they will tell the court that the bank's closing lawyer, title agent knowingly, intentionally falsify document to endorse the phony closing, then the bank,title no legal capacity to suit me at all. The two criminals committed this mortgage fraud got $0 dollars judgment ,their house no need to been foreclosed.

              As you read the following letter that I left in the judge house's mail box,I have been deprived my due process rights to have basic discovery,deposition,subpoena...to file note of issue to have jury trial since case began in 2001. A judge is a selected state officer,but the judge knowingly,intentionally depriv my basic due process rights,the main reaoson is becasue the judge handle most foreclosue case in NYS supreme court,Queens county and his wife is doing real estate  business,his wife Rosalie Golia(aka Rosalie Greeo) and her "partner",'good friends" special on buying foreclosure sale,if buying my house in forclosure than re-sale at least has $300000-350,000.00 profit(without re-build) and the buyer who bought my house in foreclosure is Rosalie Gorlia's "good friend",he told me clearly, judge Golia has decided to take my house , he is Judge wife's 'girl friend  again and again.

           Anyway,about mortgage fraud,US attorney southern district has forwarded to FBI. 


Hon Joseph Golia
NYS Supreme Court                                                                  1/6/2009
                                      Index: 31307/2001
It’s over 8 years,we have been prohibited to have any NY CPLR most basic “due process”…to discovery, to deposition, to subpoena to counter claim, to cross claim again and again and our 3rd party summon has been ignore ,too.
          After contacted NYPD,Commissioner Mr. Raymond W.  Kelly ,Lut. Comofrty in 109 agreed that Det Keith Ng and Det.Kin Lee who investigation the crime should testify to you about the bank’s officer and closing lawyer violated law and the bank’s closing lawyer internationally accepted fake deposit of Residential contract of sales,fake money order,fake check, falsify bank records to endorsed the fraudulent mortgage and got some money for himself.
There are no reasons you free all the criminals $0 dollars of judgment at all.
 Would you mind to schedule a hearing as soon as possible?

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